interviews yours truly over some brewskis!


A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting my buddy Eric, the own of, to whom I have only spoken to via email in the past and we continually promised each other to meet in person here in Montreal. Well, we finally made it happen and it was a real blast to swap stories and talk shop for hours on end in downtown Montreal as we watched the night life come alive around us. Eric is a true online professional and has years of advanced webmaster experience under his belt, so I learned a lot from him and he’s a really cool guy. I look forward to our next outing, and it’ll be my turn to give the interview next 😉 You can read the published interview here!

Thanks again Eric! Beers in two weeks are in order! We’ll work on spelling my last name correctly because obviously we didn’t drink enough the first time around to get it right.


Jay’s TWOD BLOG Contest Results and Upgrade Now Live!


My fellow partner in crime and the brains behind the backend programming, Mistar Jay, has just announced the winner of his Blog re-design contest and has already launched the winning layout on his live development blog! You can check out the winner and his blog at

Now back to work! 😉

Congrats on your new blog bud, and I wish you many frontpage Diggs and much fame and fortune!


A huge scam in the making. The .COM registry contract.

Is Verisign looking to permanently control the .com registry? It sure looks like it, and if they do, get ready for the prices on .com addresses to sky rocket and there won’t be a thing you can do about it! Check out the blog post by Bob Parsons, who is the founder and president of Now granted this is pretty much as biased as you can get, but if the facts are indeed true, that’s pretty worrisome at face value.

Now, when you’re done reading that serious article, be sure to look at this page that features 1001 things to do with Liquid Nitrogen!