Jackpot! P2L to Receive a 1.5 Million Dollar Donation!

Jackpot! P2L to Receive a 1.5 Million Dollar Donation!

Well folks, looks like I get to retire now! The generous Mrs. Hoopla (I swear I am not making this up… it’s from Mrs. Hoopla) because she’s apparently a dying 70 year old who doesn’t want her dirty family to get the money after she kicks the big one. So what is this poor woman to do? Donate it to me of course! Don’t believe me? I have the email to prove it!


This offer might be strange, but is the wish of a dying 70 years old woman who now realizes belatedly that there is more to life than mere acquisition of cash{money} and fame. My name is Mrs. Maria Hoopla a widow. My late husband and I perhaps due to our aristocratic background and bad influences lived and never cared for nobody or whose ox was gored, our motto was be rich and famous and the world will be at your feet. I am diabetic and recently diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. The report is obviously not good, several chemotherapy treatments have not helped either and the obvious fact is that I have few days/weeks more on planet earth.

Being childless couple, I inherited all my husband wealth and our relations are no good, as they are waiting patiently for my death to use all our money for illicit and obscene business/things. Before my health deteriorated that I am completely dependant on them for basic necessities I have done charitable ventures within our neighborhoods and beyond and this angered them as they wish to reap from where they did not sow.

Having come to the realizations of what life is all about-caring for others. I have given legal consent and full authority to my attorney-Barrister Ruud Van Boer of Winschoten Consultants based in Amsterdam the Netherlands to immediately disburse all the money to people/charitable homes and the choice of beneficiaries was done by sampling. Your name was luckily picked and I have willed the sum of U.S.D{Ten Million, Five Hundred thousand U.S.D} only to you wish is presently deposited in a security company.

This money should be used STRICTLY for humanitarian/charitable cause. Contact my lawyer immediately who will guide you on the modalities on how you are to visit the security company in Amsterdam the Netherlands for the collection of this money. His e-mail address is ruudvanboer@netscape.net.

Please quote my personal reference number for ease of collection-law/chamber/solicitors/je/ws/WILL/000122 when reaching him by mail, he will give you all the Legal documents to boost the release of the Funds to you.

I plead with you never to deviate from this agreement and I beg of you to pray that my soul rest in peace.

Mrs. Maria Hoopla

How cool is THAT?!

So now Nigerian scamming scum no longer try to scam you with lotteries or account transfers to hold… they just want to flat out donate everything to you. How charming!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to call Barrister Ruud Van Boer of Winschoten Consultants to collect my millions from Mrs. Hoopla!


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