Some people never learn…

Some people never learn…

So I just spent a couple of hours sorting tutorials again tonight…  COME ON GUYS!  The amount of dead links and links going to passworded forums is just insane.  If it’s worth the effort to get listed, at least check your submissions before you click that submit button.

Aside from that, May 1st is still our tentative release date for the version 2 edition of P2L.  Due to new information gleaned from Jay, it looks like Google’s attempts to police the internet are forcing me to dump Tutorialseek being an independant site and just forward it to P2L.  This is actually why was recently deleted/banned from Google’s database… too many sites mirroring their content and poof you’re toast.  So I’d rather not get shit on by google thank you very much.

Anyhow, v2 is plugging along… basically Jay is starting to skin the forums at this point and he’s finishing up a whole new section being added to the site and we’re golden.  The forums have apprently been giving Jay some headaches, plus he’s got college kicking his ass, so we’ll see if he can pull this off 😉

That’s about it from here… time for a pee break, get some snacks and then approve more tuts…  only about 500 or so in the queue 🙁


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