Want to be a featured SOTW on P2L?

Want to be a featured SOTW on P2L?

Ahh… another rant by Faken! But hey.. it’s my blog, so I can use this spot for whatever I darn well choose right?

Today I am looking to update the SOTW and POTW section and I’m just going through some entries, and it cracks me up just how unprofessional some people are. Folks, if you want your site to make it and actually get somewhere, learn to be polite, professional and informative. There was not one piece of english slang in the very first affiliate application I filled out, let alone the more recent requests I send. With that said, if you want me to post your site as a SOTW (Site of the Week) and hand you several thousand new visitors in just a couple of days, then make the effort to introduce your site properly. I takes me about 10 – 20 minutes to create an icon, write a small review on the site and post it on P2L. Is is too much to ask that you take this time as well to send me a decent email?

An example you ask? Oh you bet! Here is a LIVE sample I just pulled out of my inbox:

Chek diz out! It’s the most hardcore site I’ve ever seen.

Aside from the link they posted (which I never clicked on), this is the entire body of the email. I deleted it without looking at the link.

My delete key is hardcore! The most hardcore keyboard button I’ve ever seen!

Thank you and goodnight 🙂


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