PayPal: Not as safe as you think!

PayPal: Not as safe as you think!

As an avid eBay and Paypal user, I had no idea that the basic coverage is only $175, even if an item costs much more. If you use Paypal, you should read this article:

Think PayPal will cover you if you get scammed on eBay? Think again! Most people, myself included, haven’t read the fine print. Basic coverage gets you $175 if PayPal settles in your favor.

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One thought on “PayPal: Not as safe as you think!

  1. Paypal has been ok to me, I did once have my accounts frozen for quite sometime as they merged 3 accounts into one, the process was very long apart from that they have been great and telephone support is also great, if you work with them they’ll work with you.

    As for EBay, open your eyes before selling or buying.

    Quite recently had my credit card totally wiped from using it on EBay, I will never use EBay again, I’m not the only person this has happened too so only tells me their system is not as secure as they tell you it is. A very good friend of mine very first time they used their CC on EBay, 3 dys later had fraudulent charges going onto their CC. This is how I also found out and luckily we were reimbursed, but my friend wasn’t.

    As for that guy, sucks to be him hopefully he gets his money back but EBay is full of scammers you only have to look at the ones whom sell FREE software.

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