Mag Mention: P2L Gets 2 Mentions in Practical Webdesign January 06!

One of the most frustrating things I deal with, luckily not frequently, is when something really cool happens with one of my projects, and I don’t hear anything about it until months after it’s passed. A typical example of this is when P2L gets mentioned in a magazine, which seems to be every couple of months if I’m to believe the people that email me telling me about it after it’s impossible for me to find a copy of the publication in question. Call me a pack rat, but I like to keep a scrapbook of these little articles, no matter how small the blurb is. Anyhow, Jay just happened to pick up a copy of January’s issue of Practical Webdesign, which is a UK publishing distributed worldwide, and gets 2 mentions! How cool is that? So I ran out and bought a copy, so I FINALLY have so on-paper proof of one of my sites being in a magazine.

The first mention is on page 41, where Marc Peter from on-IDLE talks about one of his site designs and there’s a section talking about what’s he into, what’s he’s been up to etc… Under “What sites have I been visiting this month”, P2L is 1 of the 3 he mentions. Thanks Marc and I hope you enjoy the site and get some use from it!

Here’s a snip from the article:

Mag Mention

The second mention is on page 104, where they have this massive list of valuable links in a section called “140 of the BEST web building resources”! Thanks for listing us PWD and we hope our next projects impress you folks just as much!

If anyone ever finds P2L or anything else I do in some form of printed media, please let me know ASAP so I can try and get a copy locally or bother you to pick one up for me. *grin*

Take care!

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