General Update on What’s New and What I’ve been Up To

General Update on What’s New and What I’ve been Up To

Hi all!

My apologies for the long delay in updating, but things have been very busy in the studio in the last week or two, and I have a ton of projects on the table, with more on the way. Doing some serious head scratching on the schedule, but thank goodness I’m on a full time gig now more or less.

So what’s cookin? First off, a friendly conversation or two with prop and short film designer Jamie Vierra has turned into the birthing of a new collaborative effort on Jamie’s various projects, including the re-launch of his personal portfolio site as well as his film production company site, which currently doesn’t exist. I can’t get into too much detail because I’m not sure what I can and can’t talk about at this point, but I can honestly say that this is one of the most exciting and challenging design projects I’ve had my hand in. We’re only a couple of weeks into our initial design brainstorming and I can already tell that I will be learning a TON on this and growing my design skills in directions I’ve never experienced.

Here’s a little sneak peek logo from Jamie’s personal portfolio site design that we’re rebuilding:

Jamie Vierra

Jamie is extremely professional, creative and loves a challenge, and I look forward to seeing where this business relationship ends up. Hollywood? You never know 😉

In other film related news, my other movie website project known as S.E.E.D is in full swing, with the final pieces of the printed media puzzle sent off to the production studio and film’s director Pete Mander. With the mini-posters and DVD covers done, we’re all set for the film’s big screen premiere in Toronto on March 11th 2006! The cast and crew will be at the showing for post question and answer sessions, to sign posters and DVDs and to raffle off some prizes, including two replica Predator Bio Helmets featured in the film! If you’re going to be in Toronto that weekend, you should definitely go check out this fan-film production! You can get all the details on the official S.E.E.D site, as well as download the trailer and other film details.

Just a quick note to some of the critics out there: This is NOT a paid studio production. It’s a fan-film put together by everyday people that shared a common interest and goal by putting this film together. There are no paid actors etc… The costumes and props are all from the amazingly talented hands of Pete Mander, and this is his film debut and I can’t congratulate this guy or his cast and crew enough on their amazing accomplishment with this film. Congrats guys and best of luck at the Premiere!

Meanwhile, things are very busy in the P2L realm of the internet! Jay and I are working very hard on the Hammer-Time project and we can’t wait to bring this new product to the community! We think this will be a break-through project in every aspect, so hold onto your parachute pants, because we’re going for a ride! In the meantime, I’m busy working on new tutorials and articles to post, and I’m working with Chaos King on my personal pred site and other goodies.

So that’s about it for now gang, hope all is well!


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