General Update – S.E.E.D Released, Server Added and Other Goodies

General Update – S.E.E.D Released, Server Added and Other Goodies

Hello everyone!

The last week or so has been quite busy for me and things don’t seem to be letting up in the foreseeable future, which of course is not a bad thing. For starters, the AvP style fanfilm by Pete Mander finally arrived in my studio in raw format last week for some Divx loving. You can check out this 30 minute fan made film at the official website at A huge congrats goes out to Pete Mander and his cast and crew at finally releasing this 2 year project!

The secondary server has finally been implemented for Pixel2life Studio owned websites to handle the extra traffic. During peak times, the server was starting to bog down a bit due to all the activity on We’ve added a second dual CPU server to process HTTP and other services, and the main server will process MySQL queries only. This should sufficiently balance the load for us to allow for growth and handle huge spikes like Digg or other large portals generate from time to time. The new server has been installed for a couple of days now and appears to working with the other box perfectly. I’m keeping close eye on things over the next little bit to calm my nerves more than anything.

I’ve also been working on some new articles and managed to finally release my DMCA Law tutorial, which teaches webmasters how to take action when their website content has been stolen. I think this is a subject that is easily understood, yet so many don’t have the faintest clue of what’s involved when it comes to copyright infringement. I hope this will be a huge help to many people in the future.

The good folks over at Layers Magazine recently signed up for some advertising on our network ad system and sent me a few copies of their magazine, and let me tell you, this is a MUST HAVE for Photoshop and Adobe enthusiasts or professionals alike. So, a big thanks to them for the ad purchase and the magazines! Be sure to check them out at for information on subscribing and for a slew of online Adobe goodness.

I went out for dinner and some pool playage with Eric from a couple of Fridays ago and had a blast, despite losing 5 games to 7 in a display of complete and utter loss of skills. I’ll be scheduling a rematch in a couple of weeks. I emailed Alex, fellow Montrealer and webmaster of, for some brewskis as well, but no word from his end of the city yet. If any of you fellow Montreal readers (Or visitors to the area) want to get together for some drinks to talk shop and share some laughs, drop me a line and we’ll make a date!

Last, but not least, Jay is having a hilarious contest to customize his version of our network logo on his Blog site. You can get the details at the Pixel2life Forums and see the current mascots in action on

That’s about it for now folks, be good and we’ll see you next update!


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