Tutorials ported over to the blog… my hand hurts

Tutorials ported over to the blog… my hand hurts

You may be wondering why there was suddenly a flurry of tutorials posted on here, so I’m happy to report that I have finally finished porting over all my old tutorials to my blog format, fixed a couple errors and typos and have also created a tutorial summary page for a quick view of all my tutorials written by yours truly. You can check it on the complete tutorial list I created that gives a brief description of each tutorial and they are broken down into categories so that the list is a bit easier to follow. It’s actually kind of surprising to step back and see a complete list of everything I’ve written so far, which isn’t really all that much… but still, it’s about twice the amount of tutorials I thought I had under my belt.

Anyhow, some are a couple of years old and others are fairly new, so feel free to check em out and I look forward to creating some new ones this summer. For you Photoshop people that are grumbling about me using Corel Photopaint, remember that many of the principals are exactly the same, so you should be able to handle these tutorials in Photoshop without too many problems.

Now to go rest my aching hands from all that typing and image converting!


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