Speak Now or Forever Hold Your… Mouse? Opinions and Suggestions Wanted for P2L!

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your… Mouse? Opinions and Suggestions Wanted for P2L!

OK folks, it’s time to tell us what you like and/or what you don’t like about P2L, and what you think we’re missing and should be added. This can be anything and everything, ranging from how the tutorial search works to how the forum is run and moderated. Feel free to suggest new features or categories you think we should carry, whether you think we need more or less graphics etc… anything and everything is welcomed and it can be good or bad.

I would really appreciate your honesty here folks, so please send me whatever you got, even if it’s negative. If you wish your identity to remain anonymous, simply use the contact form at http://www.pixel2life.com/contact/ and select the applicable topic and use bogus information for the name and return email. Just remember if you use a bogus email, I won’t be able to contact you back. Otherwise, you can PM or email me directly at info (at symbol) pixel2life dot com.

Thanks in advance!

6 thoughts on “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your… Mouse? Opinions and Suggestions Wanted for P2L!

  1. Good Idea, dan. I personally think you should try and cut the load time slightly for P2L but thats pretty hard to do with the amount of content you’ve got :).

  2. Hey man, Well, the only thing I can suggest is try to work up some relationships with bigger companies, as, believe it or not, you’re probably helping them bring in alot of income, and if you say… get them to sponsor some contests you, A. Give them advertising, and they will backlink you on their website helping promote themselves, and B. You will get a ton more incoming people looking for a good package/whatever.

    Maybe also some Theory catagories, like business, creative, film principles, etc..

    More tutorials on AE, Premiere, and Maya would be nice too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good Luck,
    Your Friend,

    Mike Wilson

  3. Here are a few things I would like to possibaly seen changed:

    1) New design, the current one is to cluttered.
    2) The moderation on the site should be directed to more serious issues than someone asking a question.
    3) Also on the forums, everything should NOT jump into a ban. You should have a warning system setup. It’s kind of lame how if you do one thing wrong, and it may be on accident, you will get banned.
    4) And possibly upgrade your servers as the site seems to run really slow a lot.
    5) Go through all of your tutorials and delete the tutorials that are all alike. I will browse for tutorials and have to go through ones that are all covering the same topic over and over again.
    6) No “OMFGBBQ!!! LEARN HOW TO MAKE THIS SIGZORS!!!” tutorials… Sigs show no sign of skill anymore. Sig creation should not be promoted at all as it does not develope any skills at all.
    7) Also only top of the line tutorials should be accepted. None of these tutorials someone whipped up in 45 seconds… (i’ve seen a lot of these)

    That is all.

  4. Hi Andrew – thanks for your post! Just wanted to address a couple of things… the server is top notch and load is never past 1/4 of the total load before hitting 100% CPU. We’ve had some down time, but if the server is often slow for you, it’s not because of the box.

    For the forums, we have a 3 strikes your out policy… that is why you can see your warning level. If you get 3 warnings, you get a suspension. Severe infractions however warrants an instant ban.

    We keep a few duplicates of some items… sites go up and down all the time and tutorials are always going dead. We don’t want 20 dupes, but a few won’t hurt anyone. As for sig tutorials, I think we accept maybe 1 or 2 a month if they are really great.

    I just looked at the sig category under photoshop… 6 sig tutorials since January.

    Thanks for all your comments! ๐Ÿ™‚


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