The Google Nightmare – Errors or has P2L been Penalized?

The Google Nightmare – Errors or has P2L been Penalized?

A few days ago I noticed that my revenue and clicks have plummeted on and I started to panic. I open up awstats and sure enough, traffic is down an average of 5000 visitors a day since last Thursday. I do a bit more digging and find out that almost ALL of my Google traffic has come to a grinding halt. I’ve gone from 5000 visitors a day from Google to less than 300! Can we say “nightmare”!? I have been pounding away at Google’s various helpdesk contacts, and so far, no dice.

I have TONS of pages listed, but I did a search for on and I get the following:

“Sorry, no information is available for the URL”

This can be seen at HERE.

If I search simply pixel2life the search results don’t even show in the search results. I used to be the first result. Check it out HERE.

I have also completely dropped on all keyword searches that I normally placed high on.

So far, I have received absolutely nothing from Google on this, and calling their corporate office was completely useless because there is no phone support for free services. At this point, it looks like I’ve been penalized. I then run over to Sitepoint and the entire Google forum is FULL of the same or similar complaints like mine and apparently there is a technical glitch.

Either way, I’m kind of freaking out over this because I’m losing revenue and traffic big time. This had better get fixed soon or I’m in serious doo doo 🙁


8 thoughts on “The Google Nightmare – Errors or has P2L been Penalized?

  1. Unfortunately so far, they have been completely useless. I just keep getting generic bogus emails back from them spewing the same nonsense over and over again. This is very frustrating.


  2. Yep.. strangely enough it happened to Good-Tutorials aswell, but Zach isn’t as worried as you are
    Just last night I looked around a bit, check it out:
    Holy crap? 😛

    Are you sure it’s a glitch? Google might not like these tutorial sites..

  3. Yes, Zach and I have been communicating with each other concerning this issue. We’re both quite concerned because this is a big hit to us. It’s also been all over sitepoint, so I don’t think it’s actually anything to do specifically with us… you’ll notice that tutorialized has not been affected at all, and they are pretty much the same thing as Zach and I are in terms of how our sites operate. I know Zach runs a clean site as do I, so being specifically penalized for black hat SEO stuff doesn’t make much sense to us.

    It’s quite the mystery, that’s for sure… I’ve since been using Google Sitemaps, and the stuff that it’s showing me is also proving to me this is a technical screw up on google’s part too.


  4. A glitch or doesn’t Google like your sort of sites? I really don’t know anything about SEO, but i did notice this and it interests me..

  5. I honestly have no idea… what’s interesting is thata very similar site to P2L (tutorialized) does not appear to have any of these issues. I’m sure if I was specifically penalized in some way, so would they seeing as they are the same kind of site with similar structure and traffic/PR.


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