How to Stop SPAM on Your WordPress Blog Using the Akismet Spam Plugin

Step 6: Click the activation link in the email you received and it will confirm your registration and password. Click the login button to continue.

Step 7: Login to your account using the login form on the right.

Step 8: Click on My Account on the top menu bar.

Step 9: Set up your WordPress hosted blog by filling out the blog title field and selecting a language, then click on the Create Blog button.

Step 10: Click on My Account again on the confirmation screen.

Step 11: You can now see your API Key! Select the the API key code and hit Ctrl-C to copy it to clipboard. You should also receive an new email with your API key in it.

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10 thoughts on “How to Stop SPAM on Your WordPress Blog Using the Akismet Spam Plugin

  1. The other night I had a look into the WP options and saw you could blacklist words.. so I blacklisted the word ‘poker’ for comments, because just the other week I got a HEAP of spam comments on photoshopstar and had to decline them manually.. anyway I dont think I’ll need to use this plugin ehe 🙂

  2. I was getting about 100 Spam comments a day and only a tiny bit had the word poker in it, so I couldn’t add this all to my blacklist because I was upping my chance of blacklisting valid comments. The more you blacklist, the greater the chance you end up flagging legit feedback, and I wanted to avoid that as much as possible.


  3. Ah but how high is the possibility of a good comment having the word ‘poker’ in it? That’s the only spam I was getting and the only word I blacklisted heh

  4. Hey Dan have you also played around with SpamKarma?
    I really prefer it over Akismet, my blog had around 130 comments a day, since I’m using SpamKarma no spammers have came through… 😉

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