Pixel2life Upgrade (aka Hammertime) was bumpy, but a huge hit!

Pixel2life Upgrade (aka Hammertime) was bumpy, but a huge hit!

Well, things are just starting to settle down now in terms of the insane amount of emails, PMs and IMs I’ve received from people all over the world offering their congratulations, comments and well wishes. Sprinkle in the always-expected hate mail, and it was a blast!

Last night was just nuts, and to top it off, just as we’re about to launch, NG and I both lose power (we both live in the same city)! Mine was just a flicker that shut me down for a second, but NG stayed gone. We waited a bit and eventually decided to launch at 10PM. NG joined us JUST as we opened up the site and within 2 minutes, the flood of 1800 people at once killed the machine and crashed the whole thing lol! So we eventually regained control and locked things down to figure out what was happening… Serverseed hopped on and we tweaked things until we got a handle on the situation, and we’re continuing to tweak the caching system for optimum performance.

We’re also going to start going through the bug reports, suggestions and just the massive work list we all have to plow through and get done. There’s lots to do, but so far it’s turned out quite well all things considered and I’m pretty happy about it.

So thanks again to everyone for your encouragement and I’m really happy that so many people dig the new site. Now I have to get my ass back to work!


6 thoughts on “Pixel2life Upgrade (aka Hammertime) was bumpy, but a huge hit!

  1. The new version rocks, Pixel2Life even hit a new record in registrations on release.

    WTG Dan and Team keep up the great work.

  2. Is there a script in place where tutorials are automatically added every 30 minutes or something? It seems like there are a lot more tutorials being added than during spots in V2.


  3. Hey Dan,

    No it’s the same… new tutorials from the queue every 30 minutes, but in the week or two leading up to release, I had no time for approving tutorials so it was slow going. Now the new admin system makes approving a faster process, so I can get more done in less time πŸ™‚


  4. And heres some some more congratulations πŸ˜€

    Been a great success for far it seems, hope it keeps going well πŸ˜€


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