v3, Bowling, Rumors, Stress and Lessons Learned

v3, Bowling, Rumors, Stress and Lessons Learned

Man, where do I start?

It has been a VERY stressing week since the last time I posted, and it really hasn’t died down very much. I’ve been REALLY bothered by the negative feedback I’ve received on the new layout at Pixel2life, but those with some experience with large sites getting revamped have told me it’s completely natural and something akin to growing pains. I’ve obviously received more positive feedback than negative, but I can’t help but agree that I’m slowly losing my fondness for the new layout. This was a design that was heavily influenced from beyond my personal tastes, and I think I regret it. NG is now working on creating an updated version of the old version 2 layout to suit the new features found within v3, and we’ll be releasing sometime before the end of the weekend if all goes well. I know this is a pain in the ass for everyone, but that and the fact that ad conversion is HORRIBLE on this new version forces the decision.

Either way, I’m sure people will like this layout and will get used to it very quickly. We’ve wasted a lot of time with this layout juggling, but hopefully this will be the last of it for the next couple of years. I seriously think I will hand any future version design and implementation to a design company if I can afford it… I’m just not equipped for all this stress lol!

Anyhow, I’ve been really kind of focused and obsessed on all this lately and it’s been taking over my life in the last couple of weeks… I haven’t been sleeping well, my daughter was mad at me etc… so it was time to get things back into perspective and start enjoying myself a bit again. So, today I took my little girl out for her first try at bowling! I wasn’t so sure she was strong enough yet, but low and behold, she manages to get the ball pushed down the lane hard enough to knock over at least a few pins at the front. The shrieks of delight when those 2 or 3 pins fell over made it all worth it… she was having the time of her life and would come running over for a hug each time she threw the ball down the lane (I taught her the granny style shot).

Here’s a pic of the two pro bowlers after 3 sets of frames:

Bowling Champs!

It was just great to go out and get my mind off of things.

In other news, it’s really sad to see people circulating rumors and completely ridiculous stories about the old programmer and my friend Jay from P2L who now runs my-tuts. Today I spoke to someone that had so many strange ideas, I’m surprised he didn’t reveal that I eat babies or something. Guys, if you’re going to build up this opinion of myself or Jay before you’ve even so much as had a single conversation with us, confirm your stories and facts with us before you start shit throwing in the community. It’s EXTREMELY obvious that a few people have this stupid need to try and fuel a non-existent feud between Jay and I, and it’s too bad because despite Jay and I moving on with our respective projects, these drama whores just can’t. Get over it for God’s sakes. Jay and I do send each other emails and will probably always stay in touch to a certain degree… I know that sucks for the schoolyard kids that wanted a fight in the alley, but you’re barking up the wrong tree.

Anyhow, it’s 2AM and I need some sleep… I’ve been alone with Corina for a few days so it’s been long nights working on P2L and early mornings being with my daughter. I’ve actually become quite proficient in snoozing on the couch while she sits next to me holding my hand and watching Barney or Caillou.

Good night and talk to you all soon!


8 thoughts on “v3, Bowling, Rumors, Stress and Lessons Learned

  1. yeah, because everyone know Jay would kick yours anyway Dan lol!

    Glad the funs back in your life haha, ill have to get me some of that!

  2. Well, i like the new design…i lovee the bowl design, and like how you put in on here. But i’ll be happy with anything that comes up. I am not even a regular at the forum, i just like having it as my homepage :D. Anywho, i think your daughter is a better bowler than me…i went something like 5 frames without hitting any pins..lol

  3. Well I think we were in some kind of cheating lane, because even if she threw it crooked, the ball was going super slow and would eventualy straighten out and go right down the middle. My daughter HAX!


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