Create 3D Style Text with a Wireframe Effect in Corel Photopaint

Step 3: Select the text you’ve just created and perform a copy/paste to create a duplicate object (Hit Ctrl-C to copy and Ctrl-V to paste). We’re going to use this text to create a 1 pixel black border around the green text.

Step 4: To darken the duplicate text, simply click on Image > Adjust > Brightness/Contrast/Intensity and turn the brightness all the way down so the text is black. Click OK to apply the changes to the object.

Step 5: On your object docker, grab the top object, which is the black text, and drag it below the green text to bring it to the foreground.

Step 6: With the black text still select, use the arrow keys to move the text up 1 pixel and left 1 pixel by simpling hitting up and left 1 time each. You will now see the beginning of a black outline behind the green text.

Step 7: Do a copy/paste of the black text to create a duplicate and move that object below the green text as well.

Step 8: Tap the down arrow once and the black text will move down 1 pixel. Repeat step 7 to create a third copy of the black text and bring that object down 2 pixels and you’ll have a complete outline on the left side of the text.

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6 thoughts on “Create 3D Style Text with a Wireframe Effect in Corel Photopaint

  1. Thanks bud 🙂 Nice thing about these Photopaint tutorials is that they are VERY easy to translate to Photoshop terms. Most of the options are the exact same thing.


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