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Month: September 2006

Just checking in and How to Download Videos from

Just checking in and How to Download Videos from

Good morning everyone!

My poor blog was getting the cold shoulder for a little bit, sorry about that. For God knows what reason, my allergies have been kicking up VERY bad since the beginning of August and no amount of allergy medications seems to be stopping it. So, I’m having a bit of a hard time concentrating on anything as I sneeze and blow my nose every 30 seconds or so. I’m actually trying to get through to a doctor to schedule an appointment and get a referral to a specialist so I can get this under control again, but of course, the wonderful Canadian health system makes this task pretty much next to impossible. I’m doing my best to keep the tutorials and content rolling in, but I’m definitely not doing as much as I normally do in terms of writing tutorials and such, so please bear with me.

Aside from that, I’ve just approved a bit list of tutorials to get caught up and I’ll be doing another batch tonight to bring myself to 6 or 7 days of queued tutorials. Right now I’m at 8 or 9, which is too much for my taste. I’m also working on catching up a bit on emails and all that fun stuff.

How have you all been? Hope you guys are doing well and all is good with the world.

We actually had some pretty dramatic events recently… some psycho idiot walked into a local college here in Montreal and shot 20 people, killing 1 girl last week. You may have heard about it, it was on Foxnews and CNN all over the states, as well as on CBC here in Canada. My prayers and thoughts go out to all the Dawson students and families affected by this tragedy, especially the family of Anastasia DeSousa, who was killed by the gunman. The shit bag that did this was shot and killed by police (last I heard, police shot him in the hand, then he killed himself actually) and I hope he enjoys rotting in hell.

On a lighter, I had a few people on a forum I hang out on ask if anyone knew how to download videos that are featured on Well low and behold, there is a way! Check out the handy video downloader at

I’m also debating putting up for auction the original v3 layout… maybe put it on eBay and see if anyone would buy it. I’ve actually had a few people ask if they could have it, so even if I get a couple of bucks for it, it’s better than nothing. If you would like to grab this layout, keep your eye on the news for an announcement later this week unless someone convinces me otherwise.

That’s about it for now, time to go pick up my daughter from school. Take care everyone!

Dan not only cancels update, but has closed indefinitely. not only cancels update, but has closed indefinitely.

Ruban chimes in on a P2L discussion confirming that Shiver’s owner, Dagan, has not only canceled the infamous version upgrade (That’s been due out for a year now), but has completely folded the site. We also get a sneak peek of what was to be the new Shiver7 layout. Shiver7 was a very popular graphics and webmaster tutorial and resource site.

This is a real shame because Shiver7 was a fantastic site and a good affiliate for P2L. They’ll be missed and I wish Dagan the very best in his future endeavors.


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