Looking for Tutorial Publishers and better wait times on P2L!

Looking for Tutorial Publishers and better wait times on P2L!

Hi all,

Just wanted to share a post I just added to the P2L news area just in case any misses it:

No, we’re not looking for 3 day line-ups! What I mean to say is that I’m happy to report that with some hard work, we’ve managed to maintain a 2 to 4 day queue for tutorial approvals for about the last week and a half! I wanted to improve the time you have to wait to get your submissions looked at, so every day I have been approving tutorials for a couple of hours until I got caught up, and as of lately, by the end of the day only the last 2 days worth of submissions are waiting for approval. So I hope everyone enjoys the speedier service 🙂

Now for the publishing bit… do you like to write tutorials? P2L is looking for some folks that would be interested in beta testing the publishing/writing side of our new Publishing System. A few weeks ago we re-released the old Twodded tutorials to show you how published tutorials would look, and very soon we’re going to open up the publishing area itself to all our members. But, before we go live, we want some folks to get a taste of the new system and publish some tutorials that will test out all the kick ass functions we’ve built into this system.

So if you would like to be among the first group of publishers to beta test the writing portion of the new Publishing System, please send me a PM (Click here to send me a PM) and let me know that you are interested and what category(ies) you would like to write in. Applicants will have be prepared to do the following:

1. Write at least 1 tutorial within 1 week of being granted access to the system
2. Write the tutorial using the tools provided by the system. No copy/pasting from older tutorials and no hotlinking/public hosting etc.
3. Report any bugs
4. Use as many features as possible to test the system to the best of their ability
5. Provide screenshots and error message details to the programmers

Applicants with the following qualifications will have [b]priority consideration[/b] in being selected for beta testing:

1.You were previously a member of the P2L Twodded staff
2. You can provide samples of previous tutorials you have written

Please note, you must be a member of P2L to apply. Also, please don’t be alarmed if you apply and I do not answer you right away. I will keep a list of applicants and contact the invitees when we’re ready to test.

That’s about it for now guys, so remember to PM me if you’re interested in trying out the Publishing System!


Can’t wait to release this system to the public… Nick is doing a KICK ASS job on this!


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