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Month: January 2007

Ad Testing

Ad Testing

Hi all,

We recently installed geo-targetting on the site for some of the ads and I am wondering how well they are working. If you don't mind, please check out and check out the ad box in the "20 Latest Tutorials" area and tell me if you see Google or Yahoo ads. If you are located in the US, please tell me what state you are in, and if you are outside the US, please tell me what country. You do not need to click the ad, just visually check to see which ad network proider you see.


New Adobe Photoshop CS3 Learning Center!

New Adobe Photoshop CS3 Learning Center!

Just wanted to give you Photoshop nuts a heads up courtesy of my friends at Layers Magazine. Photoshop User and the NAPP have opened up a WICKED Photoshop CS3 Learning Center with TONS of free information, videos, previews, Beta downloads and tons more. So if you're a CS3 junkie or what to become one, you need to check it out at


P2L Publishing System now supports Oxado Ads!

P2L Publishing System now supports Oxado Ads!

Good news for the European crowd! Those of you using the Oxado network for your advertising needs can now show your ads on published tutorials on the Publishing System. Simply go to the Publishing System main page, click on My Ads on the left and enter in your Oxado client ID and select the desired positioning. There is a small bug in the form where it says you have to enter a channel ID. Nick is going to fix this, but for now simply enter "none" in the text field and it will work fine.


P2L Publishing System Officially Released and a New Header Menu!

P2L Publishing System Officially Released and a New Header Menu!

Pixel2Life Studios is proud to present our latest feature to the community, our extensive new P2L Publishing System! We know it's getting harder and harder to find effective ways of writing tutorials and articles without having to spend any money, worry about a website, design layouts and take on the other challenges of a webmaster when all you want to do is write! Well Pixel2Life takes the webmaster worry out of the equation, providing you with a professional writing environment specifically designed for writing educational tutorials and articles without costing you a penny! The P2L Publishing System even supports full image and file attachments for your tutorials using an intuitive interface linking all your image and attachment collections to the relevant tutorials. No fees are required, you simply need to be a P2L member.

The Writing Environment:

The professional level authoring environment is not a cookie cutter script we downloaded and threw in… it's been specifically designed and coded to be used as a tutorial and article writing tool. The editor features the following:

  1. One click buttons to create attention grabbing Code, Warning and Tips and Tricks box objects.
  2. Simple interface to upload new images and attachments on the fly.
  3. One click is all you need to include an image or attachment in your tutorial from the gallery.
  4. Save and continue your tutorial at any time without having to publish it.
  5. Preview your tutorial live without having to publish it.
  6. You can use images and attachments from other tutorials on the fly.
  7. Published tutorials are automatically submitted to the main P2L index approval queue and are immediately available in the Publishing area category listing.
  8. View the status of your published tutorial and its position in the approval queue.
  9. Have your own publisher profile.
  10. Automatic thumbnail resizing of large images.

Make Money:

Already have a website but you don't use it for tutorials or you would still like to publish tutorials with us? All webmasters can use their ad codes on any tutorial they publish, so you can earn money on all your tutorials! Be sure to check the Publishing System FAQ area for details on currently supported ad networks and how to request new ones.

As an example, if you already have a Google AdSense account, simply log in to your account, select AdSense and enter your AdSense client ID, desired AdSense Channel and the formats you would like to use on your tutorials.

Please note that if you select no ads (default), absolutely NO ads will be on your tutorials. This means not even P2L will advertise on your tutorial content pages.

Win Prizes:

All publishers are available to be upgraded to Premium Publishers! This means that members that write good quality tutorials will be recognized for their outstanding quality content and be featured on the Publishing Main page as Featured Publishers and will be available in our monthly prize giveaways! Please stay tuned for more prize and contest information, which will be posted in the site news and on the Publishing System main page (simply click WRITE on the main header menu).

Browsing Published Tutorials:

When a tutorial is published, it is automatically submitted to the P2L main index for approval, but it is immediately available in the Publishing System category listing. You can easily browse all the available tutorials within the Publishing System by visiting the Publishing System main page, and clicking on a category on the left. It has the feel of the main index listing process, but this is restricted to published tutorials only. The Publishing System main page also shows the latest published tutorials, featured publishers, contest announcements and a quick dashboard interface handy for tutorial writers.

Additional Details:

The use of the P2L Publishing System includes conditions and terms that must be agreed upon when you publish a tutorial. These terms are for your own protection as well as ours, and we want to assure our users that they retain full ownership of their tutorials when they use our system. To get the full outline, please be sure to read the overview FAQ located here.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please post them here, or send me a PM or email via the contact form.

Special Thanks:

First off, I would like to congratulate Nick, who worked extremely hard on this new system for you guys, this is really his baby and most of this is completely of his own design. He deserves a huge round of applause for the tremendous work he did and our hats go off to him. I'd also like to thanks Jamie, who helped out on a few rather frustrating CSS problems that almost sent me to the loony bin.

I would also like to thank the following community members, who went through the oh-so-fun experience of helping us out through the beta testing phase:

. Adam .
N-sane Noob

You guys all did a great job of patiently explaining problems you had and offered up some awesome improvements for us to add and to work on in the future. Thanks a bunch fellas!

Oh, and lets not forget Donna, who valiantly and very effectively tested the delete functions. *runs*

Thanks again everyone, this has been a fantastic project and one of the best experiences I've ever had on a collaborative project like this.

What About the Tutorial Free for All Area?

For those of you that used this part of the forum, we had an area called the "Tutorial Free for All" area. This was used for members to publish tutorials, provide feedback and to request tutorials. This area will be closed in the coming days but will remain accessible so you can still see the old tutorials. We encourage authors to move their tutorials to the publishing system though, but it's not absolutely necessary. People will also be able to post in old threads, you simply wont be able to create new ones. The tutorial request forum will of course stay open, as many folks use this area to get ideas for new tutorials.


As you may have noticed, the site now features a brand new navigation header, that allows everyone to easily access all the major areas of the site. Not sure what I mean? Here's the new areas I'm talking about, located at the top of the site:

Things were getting a tad confusing because some items you would access from the main tool bar at the top, and other items like the forums would be on the side menu. So from now on, all major areas of the site can be accessed via the header menu, and each section will have it's own relevant menu system on the left if applicable. You'll also notice this tweak helps to move some items closer to the top, such as the main category listing, making them more accessible.

So that's it guys, enjoy the new features and remember, if you catch any bugs, please report them in the site support forum!

P2L Gets Featured on CSSMania, a Site Definitely Worth Visiting

P2L Gets Featured on CSSMania, a Site Definitely Worth Visiting

P2L was posted on the CSSMania main page this morning and I got a heads up about it from Marco, who wrote in to let me know we had been posted and that he was a fan of the site. You can also vote for us here. I’ve actually never seen before, but this site is SWEET!


The site is basically part of a larger Blog network and this particular site showcases gorgeous CSS based websites covering all sort of topics. If ever you’re looking to get inspired for your next web project, surf this showcase for awhile and take a gander at all the top notch work you may have never seen before.

Enjoy and thanks again for the showcase feature CSSMania!


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