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Month: February 2007

New site for Downloading Streaming Videos from YouTube, MySpace etc…

New site for Downloading Streaming Videos from YouTube, MySpace etc…

Hey guys,

I just wanted to show you a new site I set up that lets you download streaming videos from MySpace, YouTube, DailyMotion, MetaCafe,, Google Video and IFilm! Give it a shot at and let me know how it looks and works for you. ATM there is a small issue with the examples that I am working on, but it should all work nicely.


How to Share a Local Printer on your Network with Other Computers with Vista

How to Share a Local Printer on your Network with Other Computers with Vista

Welcome to another Vista based tutorial!  Today I am going to teach you just how easy it is to share a locally attached printer with other computers on your network.  By locally attached, I mean a printer that is connected locally to a PC via a USB or parallel adapter, and is not connected to a HUB or Router.  We’re going to create the share with Vista, but you will be able to link to the share from any Windows machine.
This tutorial is split into 2 sections… first we will look at how to create the share, then we will look at how to add the shared printer to your other computers.
Shall we dance?

Creating the Shared Printer

Step 1 – Click on Start > Printers to load the Printers configuration menu:

WARNING: You may have to customize your Windows Start Menu to enable the Printers button so it shows up in the Start Menu like in the Screenshot.  If you don’t want to do that, click on Start > Control Panel to open your control panel and double-click the Printers Icon to access the Printers Configuration Menu.

This is what the Printers Configuration Menu looks like once it’s opened.  It will list any Online or Offline printers you currently have installed:

Pro Tip: You can assign a share name if you don’t want to use the default.  You can use any name you want!  You can also attach driver packs, which allows you to install the share from other Windows versions without having to have the drivers on hand from those PCs.  If you don’t add driver packs here, you may have to have the drivers on-hand from any non-Vista PCs you attach to the shared printer.  Not a big deal, just giving you a heads up!

Step 4 – Once you click OK, it will process the Share request for a second or two and then go back to the main Printer menu.  You will notice that your printer now has the Shared icon attached to it:

You’re done!  Your printer is now shared and ready for use by other computers on your network.  Let’s look at page two to learn how to add this shared network printer on your other computers!

Adding the Share to Other Computers

Adding the shared Printer is extremely easy, but may vary slightly depending on the version of Windows you are using to add the printer.  The steps will be very similar to the process we’ll use here in Vista, but you may have to install drivers for your OS.

WARNING: If you are going to be adding this shared printer from a version of Windows that is different than the version used to create the share, be sure to download and have the appropriate drivers ready in case your OS requires them.

Step 1 – Once again, open up the Printers Configuration Menu and click on Add a Printer:

Step 2 – You will then be prompted to select either a local or network printer installation.  Be sure to select network printer!

Step 3 – Now this is where things may be different depending on your version of Windows.  In Vista, you will be presented with a listing of available shared printers on your entire network automatically, but others may have your browse a list of PCs with shares attached to them.  If you are using the browse method, just find the network name of the PC that is sharing the printer and double click it and it should show you the printer itself.  Click on that and you’re in business.
Here in Vista it’s pretty straight forward… all you have to do is click the shared printer you want and click Next:

Step 3 – Name your printer to whatever you want or stick with the default and click next:

Step 4 – Click Finish and you’re done!  You can also fire off a test page just to make sure your share is set up properly:

WARNING: Take note that the share only works when the PC that is hosting the share is turned on!  If the machine to which the printer is connected is not powered up, your documents will not print from other PCs.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this tutorial helpful!

New Policy for Competition Free For All – Read Before Posting a Contest!

New Policy for Competition Free For All – Read Before Posting a Contest!

Hello everyone,

In an effort to protect our members and community, I would like to announce the following policy changes in regards to posting competition announcements in our Competition Free-For-All forum. For those of you that don't know, P2L has a FFA forum dedicated to people that want to run competitions and advertise them on our site. Unfortunately people have seen fit to take advantage of this free service and run contests to score themselves free labor and not deliver on their advertised prizes.

From now on, anyone looking to announce or run a contest on our forums that involves a prize consisting of cash or goods must do the following:

1. Contact me (Faken) via email or PM to advise me of the contest you wish to run with a complete breakdown of the contest (Theme, timeline, prize(s), rules etc…) before you post anything. Unless you have permission from me, do not post a new contest.

2. In some circumstances I will allow you to run the contest with no further questions asked. This will be based on your reputation. If I know you well and feel I can trust you, you will be able to post your contest.

3. If I do not know you very well or do not have 100% trust in your ability to pony up the prizes, you will be asked to use me as an Escrow service. This means that if you are offering cash, you will be expected to send the funds to me in the form of Paypal or certified check or money order. If you are offering goods that you will be shipping to the winner, you will be asked to send the item(s) to me to be held until the winner is selected. I will then ship the items directly to the winner or make the payment. I will require the prize money or items in my possession BEFORE any contest is announced.

If you are asked to use P2L as an escrow, don't be offended… we're here to protect you and the other members of this forum to ensure that all future contests are held with integrity and in a manner that is trustworthy and reliable. If anyone has any concerns or questions about these rules, please contact me directly or post below.


Sorry about the new Ad Boxes… No choice.

Sorry about the new Ad Boxes… No choice.

Hey all,

My apologies for the new separate boxes for the ads on the site and the increased visibility of the ads. Unfortunately Google has asked me to remove the ads from within the various content boxes becuase those boxes were labeled "Latest 20 tutorials", "User Dock" etc… I personally think it's ridiculous seeing as that means I can not blend ads in with content in the slightest and I now have to add more bulk to everything with separate content boxes for everything and pretty much kills the ads. We're sort of giving this all a band-aid fix because I have been told to change everything within 3 days and I am leaving for a couple of days as of tomorrow. NG and I are basically scrambling to patch this now and we'll see what we can do in the coming weeks.

So again, sorry guys, it's a necessary evil and Google decided it needed to be completely in your face more than it already was.


General P2L Update – So what's up Doc?

General P2L Update – So what's up Doc?

Hi all, how's everyone doing?

I've been a bit quiet in the news lately trying to get the ads sorted out (still ongoing), writing tutorials and trying to catch up on emails and approvals. I would really like to get back to the 3 – 4 queue time we had going, but I've been struggling with a 10 day queue time Christmas. The reason? Traffic and submissions are going UP! So it's a mixed blessing I suppose, and I'm determined to get it all under control, just taking some time. And before you post it, no I won't be getting anyone to help me process the submissions

In terms of stats, P2L now receives over 27,000 visitors a day and goes through over 13 GB of bandwidth a day. To date we've had almost 50,000 tutorials submitted to the site and we currently have almost 26,000 live tutorials! Since we released P2L v3 in August, we've processed over 14 million searches and over 40 million tutorials have been viewed since the site was launched 3 years ago. We may not be Slashdot, but that's some very impressive numbers and I'm really proud of where this has been and it's continued growth.

In the coming months I would like to focus our development team on going through the support forum and beta areas and start fixing any lingering bugs or half finished features that has been untouched for awhile. I know a lot of you have been waiting for the auto-submit API to be completed among other things, plus I have a fairly big list of quirks I'd love to address, so if you have any additional bugs or problems, make sure you post them in the support forum. I'm going to be working closely with Nick and Jaime to see what their schedules are like and see how we can address these problems, and look at possibly bringing on someone to help out with the coding. If we do end up needing someone, I will contact those of you that have already expressed your interest to help out in the past, and if I still can't find someone, I'll be sure to post a want ad

I'll also be looking at closing up the tutorial FFA forums now that all tutorials should be published in the P2L Publishing System. We'll keep old threads open so people can still comment and post their questions on tutorials that have already been posted, but we suggest to everyone they look at re-posting them in the Publishing System. The tutorial request forum will of course stay open so people can get ideas for new tutorials or you can ask for help on how to do stuff.

People have also been asking me about when we're doing a new contest because of that other thread where I was asking about what kind of prizes they would like to win. Well at least 1 big contest is still on the way, but my hands are tied until goodies like the desired gaming consoles are readily available on the market. I'd also like to get some of these bigger issues off the plate and out of my head so I can plan some cool contests and not just go through the motions and wing something. If we're going to be giving out sweet prizes, the we need to have a sweet contest!

And finally, I would like to offer a hearty thanks and round of applause to the staff and the tremendous job they have all been doing on a consistent basis. They all work very hard to keep the forums and index clean and I can not thank them enough for all the hours they put in. They all deserve our thanks for the work they do on here 24/7, way to go guys!

Ooohh… and one final note. Those of you that have been requesting a chat. I am currently in the process of testing out a very nice Java based chat script that ties in directly with IPB that has all the chat components you are used to seeing in IRC. If all goes well with the test (I am testing it on another smaller forum I run), I am very seriously thinking of adding it to P2L.

That's about it gang, be good!


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