Sorry about the new Ad Boxes… No choice.

Sorry about the new Ad Boxes… No choice.

Hey all,

My apologies for the new separate boxes for the ads on the site and the increased visibility of the ads. Unfortunately Google has asked me to remove the ads from within the various content boxes becuase those boxes were labeled "Latest 20 tutorials", "User Dock" etc… I personally think it's ridiculous seeing as that means I can not blend ads in with content in the slightest and I now have to add more bulk to everything with separate content boxes for everything and pretty much kills the ads. We're sort of giving this all a band-aid fix because I have been told to change everything within 3 days and I am leaving for a couple of days as of tomorrow. NG and I are basically scrambling to patch this now and we'll see what we can do in the coming weeks.

So again, sorry guys, it's a necessary evil and Google decided it needed to be completely in your face more than it already was.


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