New Policy for Competition Free For All – Read Before Posting a Contest!

New Policy for Competition Free For All – Read Before Posting a Contest!

Hello everyone,

In an effort to protect our members and community, I would like to announce the following policy changes in regards to posting competition announcements in our Competition Free-For-All forum. For those of you that don't know, P2L has a FFA forum dedicated to people that want to run competitions and advertise them on our site. Unfortunately people have seen fit to take advantage of this free service and run contests to score themselves free labor and not deliver on their advertised prizes.

From now on, anyone looking to announce or run a contest on our forums that involves a prize consisting of cash or goods must do the following:

1. Contact me (Faken) via email or PM to advise me of the contest you wish to run with a complete breakdown of the contest (Theme, timeline, prize(s), rules etc…) before you post anything. Unless you have permission from me, do not post a new contest.

2. In some circumstances I will allow you to run the contest with no further questions asked. This will be based on your reputation. If I know you well and feel I can trust you, you will be able to post your contest.

3. If I do not know you very well or do not have 100% trust in your ability to pony up the prizes, you will be asked to use me as an Escrow service. This means that if you are offering cash, you will be expected to send the funds to me in the form of Paypal or certified check or money order. If you are offering goods that you will be shipping to the winner, you will be asked to send the item(s) to me to be held until the winner is selected. I will then ship the items directly to the winner or make the payment. I will require the prize money or items in my possession BEFORE any contest is announced.

If you are asked to use P2L as an escrow, don't be offended… we're here to protect you and the other members of this forum to ensure that all future contests are held with integrity and in a manner that is trustworthy and reliable. If anyone has any concerns or questions about these rules, please contact me directly or post below.


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