Publishing System Improvements – Multi Upload and Public vs Private!

Hi guys,

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that NG has added two new features to the P2L Publishing System:

Multiple Image Upload

Have a ton of images to upload and you're tearing your hair out doing on by one? Have no fear, multiple upload is here! Simply go to your Image Collections Management area and click on "upload multiple items" located just under the form, or if you already have images in that collection, under the images in the toolbar.

Simply click on the browse button to add a file to the upload list (you can have up to 25 items) and click upload to submit them. The beauty of this is that the image's title and description will be automatically filled in based on the filename. You can even use the underscore symbol _ to generate spaces in the title and description.

So if you submit an image called "hell_world.jpg", the title and description will be automatically assigned as "hello world".

Private and Public Unpublished Tutorials

Whenever you create a new tutorial, it is now set to private and no one can view that tutorial until you publish it. You can click on "Public" under the Display Settings area when editing your tutorial and click submit to open up the tutorial so you can link it to others for previewing.

That's about it, enjoy!


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