New PPC and CPM Ad Campaign Formats Available!

New PPC and CPM Ad Campaign Formats Available!

Jaime is closing up the final bits and pieces of an exciting new product for our advertisers that are looking for extremely high converting ads in a PPC or CPM format, and I've got some exciting news for community members in general!

First off, we've added a new PPC and CPM credit system, where you can purchase Click or CPM Impressions Credits that you can use to create ads on our site. When you visit the Ad System area of the site, you will now see your available credits on the left side menu. From there you can purchase additional credits from the Credit Purchasing page. Once you have purchased either Click or CPM Credits, you can then purchase as many PPC/CPM based ads as you like by assigning credits to them from your account.

So as an example, if you purchase 1000 Click Credits, you can create 1 PPC ad campaign and assign 1000 clicks to it, or 10 ads with 100 clicks each, or 1000 ads with 1 click each, the choice is yours! The same principal for CPM based ads.. the system is very flexible and you can run either PPC or CPM, depending on your preferences.

You can read about the available PPC/CPM ads HERE or if you're not sure what PPC/CPM ads are or have other questions about the ad system, you can check out the ad system FAQ HERE!

For the moment we are introducing the new PPC/CPM formats with a new ad campaign style called Integrated Ads, and they are high converting ads that you will find blended in among listed tutorials. These are extremely effective ads with great click thru and you will find our pricing to be very competitive with other ad networks. We will also be introducing several other ad areas in the near future, so stay tuned for updates on that. The general plan is to offer direct PPC/CPM inventory anywhere you currently see a network ad, such as Google Adsense.

Now, for those of you that don't have an advertising budget, here's a heads up! Keep a close eye on the news in the coming weeks, because we are going to show you how you can earn advertising credits without spending a dime! I'm not going to say anything further for now, but we think you guys are going to love this new feature, so stay tuned.


Not sure if you guys have noticed, but the tutorials on the category pages, such as Photoshop, are now much higher to the top fold now thanks to the removal of the Category Ad boxes. We used to have the Adsense box with the category overview, then the box with the category ad, then the tutorial list. We'll also be tweaking that Adsense box in the coming weeks so it uses up a bit less real estate.

I have quite a few updates coming up this week, so keep an eye on the news and my blog for news and reviews and all the junk in between.


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