Sound Off and WIN! Your chance to win a copy of Total Training for Macromedia Flash Professional 8!

Sound Off and WIN! Your chance to win a copy of Total Training for Macromedia Flash Professional 8!

Here's your chance to win the full Total Training for Macromedia Flash Professional 8 package, valued at $299.99! We recently reviewed this AWESOME training product, and you can read the review here. And the best part is, you enter by speaking your mind! From now until next Friday, April 27, simply post your comments on any tutorials and on Friday night (sometime between 8PM and 11PM EST) I will randomly select a comment author as the winner. You can leave as many comments as you like and each comment will be considered an entry. Here's some minor rules and notes on the contest:

  1. All entries should be valid comments, not SPAM. Remember that all comments fall under the same critique rules as the feedback areas of the forum. Do not be abusive in your comments, be constructive.
  2. You do not HAVE to vote on a rating, although it is encouraged. Just a comment is all you have to do.
  3. Your comment can be on any tutorial submitted any time… you have as much of a chance of winning by selecting the oldest submitted tutorial as you do the first.
  4. P2L will pay the cost of shipping, however the winner is responsible for paying any duties or taxes.

If you don't know how to leave a comment already, simply click on the comment icon or click on "Comments:" just under the title of the tutorial record.

Also remember you must be a community member to comment! If you're not a community member, you can sign up for free here.

Once a winner has been selected, they will be contacted via PM and email and I will post their name in this post. Once notified, they have 1 week to claim their prize by confirming their shipping address. If they do not confirm their prize, a new winner will be selected the following Friday and so on…

So that's it guys, leave your comments and you can grab the loot! We're warming up for our summer contest series, so get ready for TONS of goodies we're giving out over the coming months!

Special thanks to Total Training for sponsoring our Sound Off Contests!

Good luck!

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