Another Friend, Another Book! Check out The Samson Effect Contest!

One of my good friends and "behind the scenes" P2L members Tony Eldridge is publishing his first novel and you can win a signed hard cover copy from his site! I've known Tony for quite awhile now and he has been recently brought on-board to P2L to help me with the marketing aspect of the site and helps out with the newsletter and other goodies on P2L. But one thing he didn't tell me until recently is that he is a writer and is about to publish his first novel called The Samson Effect! You guy might remember not too long ago, I announced the first book written by P2L member Tiago Dias (the guy who wrote those awesome streaming MP3 XML Flash player tutorials), so it looks like I'm surrounded by soon-to-be-famous authors!

The Samson Effect is a fiction novel and touches on the controversial world of Islam and the continued religious struggle we all witness and read about in the news.

Please check out the official website for this book at and don't forget to check out the official contest page to get your chance at winning a signed hardcover copy of the novel!

So a huge congratulations goes out to Tony for completing his first novel and we hope this is one of many to come!

Now, let's see who's next to release a book! (don't look at me) 😉


New Corel Brush Pack – BloodPack v1 Blood Brush Nib set for CorelDraw & Corel Photopaint

Bloodpack v1 Corel Brush Pack

Here is one more brush nib set I wanted to release right away for CorelDraw and Corel Photopaint users. This is a wicked set of 12 blood splatter nibs you can use with CorelDraw to create sweet blood effects. Simply import the .NIB files via your brush docker and you’re good to go! Enjoy!

P2L's first newsletter is out the door!

As I type this, the server is busy sending out our first online newsletter to over 12,000 people! I'm really excited about this and I hope you guys like the format and what we plan to bring to the newsletter in the coming weeks and months. If you have any comments or suggestions for future newsletters, please let me know and for those of you that aren't subscribed, you can do so by using the form on the homepage on the right side.

Thanks again!

New Smoke Brush Nib Set for CorelDraw & Corel Photopaint

Smokepack v1 Corel Brush Pack

This is a sweet set of high resolution smoke brushes for CorelDraw with all sorts of great smoke patterns you would likely see from cigarette smoke. Credit goes to the original creator of the Photoshop Brush pack ~Falln-Brushes.

Don’t know how to install NIB packs?  Click here!

How to fix Corel “Verify that MSXML4 is installed” Error after removing Norton Antivirus

Just had a rather close scare with my CorelDraw 12 setup that had be poopin kittens. Basically I removed Norton Antivirus 2007 because it’s a slow hunk of chunk that causes a BSD every time I try to run Liveupdate and Symantec Tech support can’t figure out why. After I uninstall and get AVG running, I start up Photopaint to do some work and POW I get hit with this:

Unable to create a DOM document, Class not registered, Verify that MSXML4 is installed

I scrambled all over Google and found tons of people with the same problems but no working solution. Finally, I ended up finding something that works:

1. Download and install msxml4.msi
2. Click on Start > Run
3. Enter: regsvr32 /u msxml4.dll (this command line de-registers MSXML4.DLL)
4. Now enter: regsvr32 msxml4.dll (DLL is re-registered)

You should now be able to run CorelDRAW! Disaster averted!

By the way, I see this is an issue with more than just CorelDraw 12… I saw X3 folks with the same issue and this fix should work for those guys too.