Smoke is coming out of the P2L factory building!

Smoke is coming out of the P2L factory building!

For those of you that pay attention to my blog, I’ve got a little something to share with you… the gears are grinding, the work fires are lit and the P2L dev team is up to no good! Well… more than usual anyhow. Yes guys, we’re up to something other than the normal day to day operations of P2L and we’re hoping to unleash it on our unsuspecting users in about a month or so. What is it you ask? Well… here’s a screenshot:

Secret Project!

Hmm.. seems to be rather pixelated. Damn those company censors! Well maybe if you stay tuned to my blog, I’ll see if I can cook up some clearer photos in the coming weeks. And no, it’s not our new MySpace profile page! Feel free to post your guesses, but I won’t be confirming anything and you won’t be hearing about this in the P2L news on the site.


8 thoughts on “Smoke is coming out of the P2L factory building!

  1. :O its a contract signing p2l over to me completly :O

    You shouldn’t have ^_^

    *cough* do it! 😛

    Need a clue… Im guessing something to do with the users of the site, not the content (tutorials)

    Gah, no idea.

  2. Hmm from looking at the image I’m thinking it something top secret. I’m probably way off though.

    Now that I think of it I’m guessing our very own portfolio pages or something along those lines.

  3. Sweet. Is it just going to be a mobile version of P2L or will it offer user made wallpapers and other stuff?

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