Simba is in da’ House! The Foster Family Experience Begins.

Simba is in da’ House! The Foster Family Experience Begins.

Here’s a rather significant update on my application to be a foster family for a Mira Foundation Guide-dog puppy… while I was in Niagara Falls, I got a call that my application had been accepted and that puppies would be available the following week and if I could come and pick one. So last Tuesday we all jumped in the car and headed over to the Mira Foundation offices in Saint-Marie-Madeleine in Quebec and came home with Simba:


Simba was born Mai 10th, 2007 and is a Labernese, the patent breed created by Mira formed by a mix of Labrador and Burmese Mountain Dog. The end result is a stockier looking Lab with a bigger build and gentle temperament and extremely intelligent. He’s been with us now for 2 days and already has been catching on to the concept that if you need to pee, you go to the door. We’ve obviously had a few accidents (oops, I hear my wife scolding him as I type this lol!) but that’s expected and will continue for quite awhile but we’re working on it.

So that’s about it for now… If you’ll excuse me, I need to get my ass in gear and but together the newsletter after a 2 week hiatus.


7 thoughts on “Simba is in da’ House! The Foster Family Experience Begins.

  1. Simba has huge paws, wishing you all the success in this it’s a great thing your family is doing.

    PS: put newspaper sheets by your backdoor, dunno what it is about newspaper but puppies will normally pee on that than your carpet if they can’t make it out in time, then move it outside after a few weeks and they’ll never pee inside again lol

  2. he is such a cute dog, looks like my simba when he was a puppy, ( i did a google image search for simba and dog) and so far your simba is the closest out of 44 pages along, but my simba is bullmastif X staffy (stafashear terrier, i dunno how to spell it but if u sound it out u will know what i mean :P)

    P.s Huge paws most often means Huge dog, so i hope u have room 🙂

  3. Just wondering how simba is doing. We adopted a Labernse female “socks” at 8 weeks (5 months old now), looks like se has the same markings as simba. Just wondering how big he is now?



    ps. you can see socks if you like on my wifes facebook under wendy souders in flourtown pa

  4. Hi Russ!

    Simba went back to Mira at the end of his socialization period with us last year and was doing awesome! We were told that he was extremely talented and a gorgeous dog… he was also HUGE for that breed, weighing in at 131lbs! The MIRA vet told us that he’s very big and strong, so he’ll be great for a larger person in need of a guide dog. Apparently they will contact us next year once he is matched with a client and we’ll be able to go meet them and see Simba again, which will be awesome!

    Good luck with your little guy!! Those Labernese can be a handful!!!

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  6. I just got what we think is a Burmese and Lab mix. She looks just like the picture above. She is only 9 weeks old but has only had 1 accident. She starts sniffing around and heads to the door. She is leading beautifully and adapted to her crate well. She is the smartest Dog I have ever had. Quick question — how large do we think she will get?

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