Where's the newsletter, Faken, and stuff in general?

Where's the newsletter, Faken, and stuff in general?

I just wanted to apologize to everyone for my rather vaporish presence lately, I'm afraid my entire work schedule has been torn a new one. I have returned to my full-time dad duties during the day so my days are pretty much gone, and the new puppy we are fostering for a year has me up at 5AM – 6AM so I can no longer work the long nights I did to make sure everything was done. So now I am having a hard time adjusting to this crazy schedule and getting work done, so I apologize. This is why you haven't seen a newsletter in quite a few weeks, although I am committed to getting that back on track this week. I'm also not on the forums very much, I just don't have a chance. I actually spend most of the online time I do have answering emails and I am doing my best to get caught up on tutorial approvals again.

For those of you that were removed from my MSN list, don't be offended… At this time I only have P2L staff and family on my MSN list and other business related contacts because I really have no time to chatter anymore. If you need something, please send me a PM or an email.

I am doing my best to adjust, so please bear with me.

In other news, due to the relative low content level of the interview and review area, I merged this all in to the news area… they are all related anyhow so I felt this made sense to centralize everything anyhow. So just in case you were wondering what happened to the tabs on the main page for those sections, you can now find it all under News.

That's it for now guys, thank you for your patience and again, I apologize for the delays in tutorial approvals and the newsletter. I'm working on it!

Take care,

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