P2L Releases the Tutorial Navigation Bar for Quick and Convenient Browsing!

Fresh off Adam's development table, I'm proud to announce the release of the new Tutorial Navigation Bar, located under the main topic bar when browsing any tutorial relevant pages on the site. This new feature gives you a quick way to browse the most popular categories on the site, or click edit and set it to show "My Categories", which will set the bar to display categories you've tagged as favorites. (You can add categories to your My Categories list by simply clicking on the round checkbox icon located next to the title when on a specific category page.

For example, when you visit the Photoshop category at http://www.pixel2life.com/tutorials/adobe_photoshop/ you will see a grey check icon to the left of "Photoshop Tutorials". Click that icon and Photoshop will be added to your Tutorial Nav Bar and to the My Categories area in the Category Browser.

Should you wish to not see the new Tutorial Navigation Bar at all, simply click on hide and it will completely close the bar. To re-enable it, click on User Dock at the top right and set the bar to "Show Bar" and click Save.

Please note you have to be a member and be logged in to access the edit functions.

Enjoy and thanks to Adam for putting this together for us!


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