It's Official, The P2L Staff are EVIL!

It's Official, The P2L Staff are EVIL!

Yes folks, it's now proven that I am surrounded by hardworking, YET EVIL, staff and they are all devil spawn. Why you ask? Well, this morning I go through the usual morning rush to get everyone fed, tidy up and then bring Corina to school. The last thing on my mind is that it's my birthday today… JUST before I leave, I decide to pop on to P2L to look in on things and I'm greeted by this screen:

I have an absolute heart attack on the spot, and no matter where I try to go on P2L, I get this hacked screen. And of course, I have to leave and have zero time to investigate. I bring Corina to school almost in tears because I'm ready to kill someone and I'm LIVID at the thought that I have to drive around before I can get this fixed. I drop off my daughter (she gives me birthday kisses) and I FLY home and get in front of the PC. I turn on the monitor and I notice not a single MSN message, no email, nothing about the site getting hacked. Now, I've had time to wake up at this point and the ol' brain has started to kick in, so I immediately have one thought… NICK DID THIS! At this point I know the staff are no good, so I PM a couple of people on MSN and sure enough the site is working. I hop on the the FTOP and find 2 files that were modified last night. I open them up, and sure enough there a comment section saying "DAN'S BIRTHDAY HAX".


Well thanks for the heart attack, additional grey hair and loss thereof and the heavy drinking habit, you did well! Happy birthday indeed… God help you guys when YOUR birthdays roll around!

Thanks for the laugh guys… well, at least now I'm laughing.


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