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Month: December 2007

Happy Holidays from P2L!

Happy Holidays from P2L!

On behalf of everyone here at P2L, I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas (political correctness be damned), Happy Holidays and all the very best to you and your families in 2008! I would also like to thank all of our members, visitors, partners and affiliates for another great year and I look VERY forward to an exciting new year of releases and innovations that I am sure you guys will love!

And finally, I would like to thank our dedicated team of staff for all their hard work and dedication to this website. Without you guys this site would have closed up shop 2 years ago.

Thanks so much everyone, hugs for everyone!


PS. Thanks for the nice xmas graphic D 😉

Looking for Beta Testers!

Looking for Beta Testers!

About a year ago, Nick started working on a project of his called WiiMedia. Instead of starting small, he decided to go big right away. He tried to include all possible features, content and sections for Wii users. This also led to adding a second website to the mix called WiiNode.

To make things simple, WiiMedia contains all non-user related content while WiiNode is centered on the user. WiiMedia indexes all the Wii and Virtual Console games, savegames, reviews, news, downloads, mods and yes, even tutorials. WiiNode provides a complete profile for all members, setup tournaments up to 64 players, interact with your Wii console using the Connect system and a community forums. While it may seems like a bunch of content without any relation, everything is indeed related.

For more information and screenshots, please check out the original post here on

You + Pixel2Life = Happy User?

You + Pixel2Life = Happy User?

Well being a community site as well as a tutorial resource, its sometimes hard to please everyone. Thats obvious from the different site upgrades that have happened within the past year or two. One of the most important things is that you guys get the most out of it and all the tools available to you give you the most benefit.

Anything that you would like to see happen? Long term or even short term, just post them here, or feel free to contact us.

What about features and tools? Anything new that you would like added, changed, removed?

Anything you find hard to use? Hard to find? etc. Is it user friendly? Easy to access?

I am just getting some feedback on various things from the members of the forum.

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