Happy 4th Birthday Pixel2Life

Happy 4th Birthday Pixel2Life

Pixel2life.com was officially launched at 8PM January 2nd, 2004 and here we are a few hours away (posted early for those in diff time zones) from celebrating 4 fantastic years.

Happy 4th Birthday Pixel2life, to all our Staff, our members, tutorial contributors, supporters and advertisers not forgetting our spammers whom have all made this site an official success.

Special thanks to all the past Staff who spent many many hours coding/moderating and helping this site grow to what it is today on behalf of Pixel2Life thankyou all.

Thankyou Dan (Faken) for giving us the greatest tutorial site on the planet and thankyou for the 4years. <img src=”style_emoticons//flowers.gif” style=”vertical-align:middle” emoid=”:flowers:” border=”0″ alt=”flowers.gif” />

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