WordPress Layout Design Contest – Vote Now!

WordPress Layout Design Contest – Vote Now!

Hey guys! There’s a contest going on over at Lunartics and my friend Lorelei has one of the best layouts in the contest called ModernMagic

If you would like to show her your support or you want to check out the contest and vote for your favorte, check it out HERE! You can see by the votes that obviously other folks are posting for votes, so I figured I’d throw my support behind Lorelei and she deserves the win.

You can also Digg the contest by clicking HERE.


3 thoughts on “WordPress Layout Design Contest – Vote Now!

  1. Dan, thank you so much for blogging about the contest and my theme, helpped me greatly! Still 2-3 days to go and it’s soooo damn tough, first place occasionally flips and the competition is really close. Sometimes I lead with one vote, sometimes the other theme does… guess it’s gonna be an element of luck when the poll will get closed.

    Anyway, once again, many many thanks for your help and support, Dan!!

  2. Thanks for supporting this contest Dan,
    I also read on P2L forums about it, and I must say its great to see how you try to support a member there.

    She got my vote also, but that Daisy Dream is out of no-where made a come back and is now far in the lead.

    Hope Lorelei will win, well I am working on it too

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