So who's ready for another contest?

So who's ready for another contest?

Hey guys… I think it's time to start kicking ass and taking names again and we're going to have to put the P2L dev guys to work in the slave mines. To get things started, we're going to have a design contest with some mucho cashola and prizes to be won and I'll be announcing it very soon (this week). But here's a hint… Layout Design! OK that's a bit more specific than a hint I guess, but you get the idea. So you web layout guys might want to sharpen your pencils and clear out some time on your schedules this month.

We will also be looking for a new graphics guru to join the P2L team for some part-time work, but that will all be part of the announcement. DO NOT email or PM me asking to join staff, I will ignore it… it will all make sense very soon I promise. So stay tuned for an announcement by this Friday!

Be good!

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