Sidebar Category Tree or Drop-Down Menu System?

Sidebar Category Tree or Drop-Down Menu System?

Well now that the latest version of the site has been around for months, I would like to hear your opinions on the new dropdown style category menu vs the collapsing style system we had before. Which did you prefer, why etc… Your comments will affect a future upgrade, so now is your chance to make a difference.

P2L will be making huge changes this year and we will be re-invigorating the site with bigger market push and new features like never before. We'll be working hard on community development and some special reward systems for publishers and more. So in the coming months, I'll really be looking for your comments and ideas for any last minute implementation goodies we can throw in.

Thanks and I look forward to bring you a new and fresh P2L this year 😉


2 thoughts on “Sidebar Category Tree or Drop-Down Menu System?

  1. Not many sites pull off drop down menus very well, much less make them accessible for SEO. So kudos right there!

    For me, however, the menu isn’t as visually accessible in the drop down form as on the side.

    Either way, P2L is very resourceful for me and stays on my feeds list. 🙂

  2. Hi Dan
    I loved the tutorial on corel photopaint, however I tried to use it after printing your directions. I then found that I have paintshop pro photo x2 . I didnt have the tools that were in the other. I really wanted to know how to recreate my photos like the one you didwith the skin smoothing and enhancing eye color contrast tricks isolation . Could you please tell me if you have atutorial on paint shop pro photo x2 or where to find it? Your site is great.


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