Pixel2life Reviews the Services of PSD2HTML!

If you've ever had to slice up a layout, you're probably very aware of how difficult it can be to get your beautiful PSD layout to look just as awesome in the various major browsers used by internet users the world over. Unless you're a fairly accomplished HTML and CSS programmer, you know exactly what I'm talking about, and some of you have probably designed some gorgeous layouts without a clue on how to get them published online. Today I want to introduce you to the one of the first and still the best PSD to HTML conversion services, PSD to HTML by PSD2HTML.com! For prices starting as low as $153, PSD2HTML.com will convert your PSD, PNG, AI, JPG or other supported graphic formats and convert them in to a fully W3C compliant and validated website.

The beauty of this service is that they have been doing this since early 2005 and with this experience brings the skills and intelligence to slice up your layout properly, rather than using the sketchy techniques of "the kid next door". This means your images will be sliced, optimized, and named using a logical naming scheme, your site will be coded properly and w3C validated, SEO will be implemented in all naming and coding conventions and the final result is GUARANTEED to match your source material. In fact, if you don't like the final results or they can't finish it for you, they will send you a full refund!

Just check out their testimonials page, it's clear PSD2HTML.com is professional and has a huge list of very happy customers. You can also undefinedclick here to check out some examples of their work.

Another great feature is their extremely comprehensive order page, where you can order a custom tailored service to address your needs, and with prices starting at $153, it's easy to afford their services instead of spending days and weeks trying to get your layout coded yourself or chasing friends around for it.

I love how you can order right online without having to try and get in touch with a sales person first. Naturally you can contact them directly if you have any questions prior to placing an order, but with PSD2HTML.com you can just go online, upload your files, choose your package options, pay and 8 hours later your layout is done! You just can't beat that!

And for those of you that laugh at my old age addiction to tables, you'll notice that all of their layouts are table-less CSS design. So now you can get your advanced templates sliced up in pure CSS with no tables. I miss 1996.

Want to know more about PSD to HTML by PSD2HTML.com? Check out these detailed reviews by folks that use their services for their web design needs:



If you're ever in need of someone to slice up your latest web layout design, do not hesitate to contact www.psd2html.com. They're not the #1 PSD to HTML conversion service for nothing and their product speaks for itself.


I am Rosebud, hear me ROAR!

Introducing the latest member of our family, Rosebud! This is Corina’s new 4-legged sister, which she met to her complete surprise when we got back from Florida.

Rosebud, named after Rosebud (The only female puppy) in the cute “Buddy” movie series with the little Golden Retriever puppies, is a Native American Village Dog purchased at Indian Valley Kennels. This is my daughter’s dog, so we gave her complete freedom to choose the name… personally I liked Shasta but Corina had zero intentions of hearing my suggestions. When Simba was returned to Mira (some of you might remember we were a sponsor family for Mira Guide Dogs and we volunteer to raise one of their puppies until 1 year old) Corina was obviously devastated and has been crying for a dog since. With my wife mildly allergic to dogs and not really wanting another dog in the first place it wasn’t looking too good. But with Corina and I badgering the crap out of her, Terri and I sat down and started looking at Hypoallergenic dogs. Aside from the “Doodle” type dogs such as Labradoodles, all the hypoallergenic dogs were those little annoying yappy type dogs that I can’t stand until we found a picture of what appeared to be a gorgeous wolf! Further research got me in touch with Carla at IVK and that’s when I found out about this remarkable breed of dog know as NAIDS, Native American Indian Dogs or in Carla’s breeding program, Native American Village Dogs.

These GORGEOUS dogs only shed their winter coat in the spring so there is no fur all over the house, they have no doggy odor and best of all, some lines have shown to be hypoallergenic! A test sample of fur from the dam and sire confirmed Terri had no reaction whatsoever! With Simba’s fur, her eyes would get itchy and feel nasty and irritate her skin a bit. With the test swatches, there was absolutely no reaction at all, we were amazed!

I immediately placed by downpayment and reserved a puppy and last week we met Carla in person in New York to pick up our gorgeous little girl and Corina was completely shocked and speechless, she had zero clue we were getting her. I had even bought all the supplies and hid them in my office.

So now she is 10 weeks old and proving to be an extremely smart and loving little miss, and her behavior is calm and very gentle. I thought Simba was pretty calm but he was the Tazmanian Devil compared to this one. We’re all very happy with her and love her to bits!

So, if I sound cranky on the P2L forums, it’s because of the late night bathroom wake-up calls 😉


C# Added to the Category List and v5 News!

Hello everyone! Well I think we've had enough emails for this to make it official… after TONS of you have requested C Sharp, you can now find the C# category at http://www.pixel2life.com/tutorials/c/ and there are already some tutorials in the queue for the category to be added soon. There are also some C# tutorials under the C++ category and I will work on moving those over when I can. So for you dev folks that have been itching for a C# section, ENJOY!

And for v5, awhile ago I posted a question in the news area asking if people preferred the side collapsing category listing method used in v2 and v3 or the dropdown menu that is currently in use. The unanimous response was for the days of yore so I can officially say that v5 will go back to the side menu system but it will be even better than before and very comprehensive. I also like the idea that a couple of people made to have a quick dropdown specifically for the forums so that folks no longer have to return to the main page to access a tutorial category. We will be looking at integrating something along those lines for the forums.

At this point, the main page, search and categories are all working and Nick is currently working on the updated Publishing System and all I can say is WOW! The new interface and work logic is just awesome and easier than ever to publish tutorials. If you've ever considered using our Publishing System to create tutorials, the upgrades we have coming should definitely convince you.

That's about it for now guys, thanks again for your continued support and we'll see you soon! Currently we are looking at an August release date for v5.


Newsletter is BACK!

Hey guys!

Just a heads up that I will be getting back on top of the newsletter creation again although I'm not really going to formalize when it goes out until I see how my schedule goes. BUUUUUUT I can tell you that newsletter subscribers will be getting exclusive v5 updates, so if you want to get in on the action, you can sign up right form the main page using the newsletter sign-up box at the right side of the site.

That's it for now guys, thanks!