Tutorial OVERLOAD! Catching up and other news…

Tutorial OVERLOAD! Catching up and other news…

Hello everyone! Long time no speak… I know I've been a naughty boy by not being around much, but rest assured that I am behind the scenes daily and right now I am making a huge effort to get caught up on the tutorial submissions and get back to the 5 day queue time. The volume is quite high, so there is actually enough tutorials coming through that the front page has a new tutorial every 30 minutes 24 hours a day. So please be sure to keep an eye on the main page and don't forget to rate and comment on tutorials! In fact, you might want to get in the habit of rating and commenting on tutorials for v5, it will be worth your time *hint* *hint*

Speaking of v5, we're slamming away on it as always, and it's slowly taking shape. Right now we're working on the custom profile pages and user settings stuff. Most of the tutorial related stuff is done, so now it's all the extra goodies that need doing. The new forum skins are also being designed now and being worked on by Jamie.

By the way, most of you are probably aware that a huge tropical storm is slamming Florida right now and Jamie's city is right in the path. Jamie is MIA right now and we haven't heard from him in a few days, so we all pray for Jamie and his family to be safe and come back to us soon, as well as our best wished to everyone in Florida getting slammed this week by Fay.

Take care everyone!

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