Happy Birthday Donna!

Happy Birthday Donna!

On behalf of everyone at Pixel2life.com, I would like to wish our dear Donna a VERY happy birthday and wish her all the best on this day and for the next 100 years!

It's hard to imagine that it has already been over 4 years since I met Donna and she became such an integral part of this community, and I think that it's important to take this special day to remind everyone just how important and appreciated Donna is as a member of this team and as a personal friend. It's easy to forget how large a part Donna is on this site because she is so efficient and autonomous that you barely hear from her… but when she's not around, you start to notice the egdes of the site begin to sag and the work pile almost immediately begins to grow.

Donna's dedication to this site in the last 4 years has been nothing short of… well… insane I suppose! She oversees the operations of the forums, she keeps the inbound submissions tidy, takes care of all the dead link reports and keeps the database clean, keeps an eye on the toplist queue for new submissions and basically keeps all of us other staff organized. It's hard to imagine how she's put up with me for so long to be perfectly honest about it.

Please join me and tip your hats and clink your glasses together and join my applause for Donna, and I look forward to working with her in v5 as we head towards new and exciting challenges and renewed vigor for the community. I think 2009 will be a blast for us and I can't imagine it being successful without Donna here to keep our heads screwed on straight and the site running smooth.

Thank you Donna so much for your dedication, patience and tolerance… I can't imagine getting P2L to succeed without you.


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