P2L v5 Update – Streamlining the Submission Process

P2L v5 Update – Streamlining the Submission Process

No matter what we add to the site and what goodies or features we introduce, our core business is tutorials and we will end where we started, submitting tutorials.

We’ve added quite a bit to the site over the years, but from day 1, we’ve been about the tutorials and finding the easiest ways to submit them. We’ve mentioned in the past that we were looking at an auto-submit API, and that is still a possibility, but we’ve had to shelve that for now while we work on other features. BUT what we did do was streamline the submission process for our most basic feature: submitting your tutorial links.

I think you’re really going to enjoy to changes we’ve added to this process overall… the submission process is basic, but it’s easily the most used feature on the site, so naturally tweaking this to even shave off seconds will amount to hours of saved time overall for the hundreds of webmasters that submit to our site. Here are some of the changes you will find with the new submission page:

Multiple Category Submissions

You will no longer have to submit your tutorials 1 category at a time… on the current system, you have to fill out and submit the form for each category you want to submit. So as an example, if you have 5 PHP tutorials and 5 Photoshop tutorials, you would have to fill out and submit the tutorials in 2 sessions… 1 for PHP and 1 for Photoshop. With the new system, you can submit all the categories in a single session.

No need for numbers!

You no longer need to worry about how many tutorials you are submitting.. you add each tutorial on-the-fly! So you fill out the form for your first entry, click add and it’s added to the submission list and you can fill in the next tutorial entry, or go ahead and complete the submission.

The Submission List

As you add tutorials to your submission session, the page maintains a submission list that is updated via AJAX as you add each tutorial. The list is gives you an instant preview of how your submission will look, and you can instantly edit or delete any tutorials in your submission list. Once you’ve added all the tutorials you want to submit, you can preview the entire list in the submission list, then go ahead and click Finish and the submission is processed.

Intelligent Form Processing

On top of the streamlined system, the submission form itself has some additional validation intelligence to help make your submissions easier and prevent submission errors. We often receive submissions with URL errors, so the site automatically validates your tutorial’s URL and alerts you if it is not valid when you add it to the submission list. You also won’t have to manually fill out your email address to receive the approval alerts, it will automatically fill it in for members based on your account email address, and from there you can change or opt to remove it if you wish.

So there’s a look at the new submission process for submitting your tutorial links, I hope you like the new improvements!

See you next post and keep those comments coming!


13 thoughts on “P2L v5 Update – Streamlining the Submission Process

  1. Fine you said “Several” which means lots, and I already seen the other posts so I assumed you meant several in this post 🙁

  2. Several doesn’t mean lots, it means more than 1. Now could we stay on topic fellas… I’m looking for comments and suggestions on the posted topics, lets keep the idle banter in the forums.

  3. Does that mean the forums are for temporary spammage? j/k LOL

    Actually I had an idea, why not do something like “digg.” where the owner of a site that writes tutorials can add a function that before they publish their tutorial on their own site they check a box saying Submit to P2L! So you dont even have to be at p2l to submit it 😀

  4. Dan,

    So far it looks great. This will save a lot of time for a lot of people.

    Just a quick idea. Have you thought about a has your tutorial been added to our tutorial index before feature? Im not sure this would really be needed but it may reduce duplicate entrys or 400 tutorials on how to make the date display on a page with php.

    Again I do not know how many duplicate entrys you get but its just a suggestion.

    Keep the updates coming its looking good.


  5. I assume you’re still doing spell checks and last minute checks but just in case you’re finished on this page, you mis spelled simple from what i can see 😉 and the overview paragraph needs some work lol bad grammar 😛

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