Discover the Amazing Artwork of Kris Kuksi

Discover the Amazing Artwork of Kris Kuksi

Hey guys! I wanted to take a quick minute to introduce you to some AMAZING sculpture design work that I was recently turned on to by my buddy Neal. Check out the world of Kris Kuksi!

Kris is an artist based out of Kansas in the USA and creates these mind boggling sculptures that you simple can not fully grasp without hours of study, they are simply THAT intricate. His work has been featured in many expos and exhibitions and I would LOVE to see some of this in person. Check it all out at and get ready to pick your jaw up off the floor. From his site:

Kuksi’s art speaks of a timelessness–potentiality and motion attempting to reach on forever, and yet pessimistically delayed; forced into the stillness of death and eternal sleep. He treats morbidity with a sympathetic touch and symbolizes the paradox of the death of the individual by objective personification of death. There is a fear of this consciousness because it drops in upon us without mercy, and yet there is a need to appeal to it in order to provide a sense of security, however deluded that sense may be. Kuksi’s art warns us that this appeal is irrelevant, and that we should be slow to create a need for it. His themes also teach us that although death may pursue us arbitrarily, we should never neglect to mourn the tremendous loss of individual potential.

Gorgeous stuff, check it out when you have a chance, you won’t regret it! For those of you that are in to Digg, you can digg a small post I made about his site by clicking here!


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