V5 release end of April?

V5 release end of April?

Yeah that's right, I went there!

OK honestly, I don't know if this can be done but I think everyone has felt the full brunt of my frustration over how long this release has taken (what? like… a YEAR now?!) and I have asked this to be out the gate by the end of April because this needs to get done. We might have some bugs and holes to fill and whatnot, but I'm kind of fed up at this point and want to get rockin and have some fun with the new release. I figure if I publicly state that we release at the end of April, maybe that will force us to get our arses in gear and finish up lol!

So yeah, just between you and me… end of April! Be thar or be square!


PS. This recession stuff blows.

2 thoughts on “V5 release end of April?

  1. This recession stuff doesn’t blow, because u guys should all lose your jobs and then all you guys have is p2l v5 to work on and get it DONE!

    Then you guys get re-hired to your old jobs because p2lv5 is bringing back the economy yo!

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