Vista Service Pack 2 released

Although the Service Pack hasn’t made it to Windows Update yet, you can now grab the official downloads from Microsoft’s Download Center. The installer includes Service Pack 2 for both Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, resulting in a 348.3MB file for 32-bit version – and a 577.4MB file for 64-bit version.

Despite the massive file size, however, there’s not much to get excited about. The update mainly includes all of the bits and bobs that have been released since Service Pack 1, although this doesn’t include Internet Explorer 8.


The AMAZING Artwork of Tiago Hoisel!

What exactly is the deal with everyone named Tiago having a ridiculous amount of creative talent? Officially, 100% of the Tiagos I know are AMAZING artists or designers of some sort… ok so I only know 2 guys named Tiago, but 100% is 100%. So today I want you guys to meet the awesomeness that is Tiago Hoisel.

Hugh Jackman - Wolverine by Tiago Hoisel

Tiago is a young man at 24 (he hits the quarter century mark in a couple of months) and resides in São Paulo, Brazil and is already developed some AMAZING graphical skills, producing some fairly jaw dropping caricatures and paintings. Please visit his personal site at or you can check out his CGSociety page at and bring something to clean the drool. I noticed he was recently featured on Digg, so he seems to be attracting a huge audience right now, and he deserves it. So congrats Tiago on all your current and future success, keep up the awesome work!

Enjoy all!

Need some free email newsletter templates? Check out CampaignMonitor!

I’ve started cleaning out my rather insane list of web favorites and like I’ve done in the past I’m going to post some of the more handy ones I have that you guys might also get some use out of. The first site I would like to share features over 30 free HTML email templates at

I actually found these awhile back when I was looking at converting the P2L newsletter from plain text to a dressier HTML format. Never did end up using any for the current newsletter (which is currently on hold until v5 is launched) but hopefully we’ll have something sexy with the new version!

And for the record, Michael Bay is AWESOME!


Incoming Nergasm! Best. Case. Mod. EVER!

I admit… I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to certain things. I love my Sci-Fi movies, I love books about dragons, I drool over Transformer CGI goodness, and from time to time, I have been known to go apesh*t over VERY cool case mods. And today I found the best case mod ever! OK, well since that Doom case I lost my mind over a few years back…

I LOVE Wall-E and I love case mods… combine the two and you get one hell of a nerdgasm! Check it all out at and let the drool flow!


I love deadlines… they just don’t love me apparently.

Oh wow, look at that! April 30th has come and gone and surprise, surprise… no v5 release. Oh well, so much for deadlines! Thank God I don’t report to anyone, otherwise I’d be fired by now. V5 is not ready for release as Nick is now working full-time and can only work on the site in the evenings as he has time, so development is really not full blast at all. But I am happy to report that the last major area (The Publishing System) is almost done so now we’re down to the improved ad system and top sites and then some tidying up and we’re good to go. Honestly I have no ETA to give anymore… I wanted this done ages ago so all I can do is sit and wait. I will actually be working on all the help documentation now with the Publishing System done, so hurray I can start working on it! In the meantime, I feel that at the very least you guys deserve a full screenshot of something, so today I would like to share a screenshot of the Image and Video Collection area of the Publishing System:

So we’re getting there! Like one blog comment poster pointed out, we probably meant end of April 2010 rather than 09! 😉