Incoming Nergasm! Best. Case. Mod. EVER!

Incoming Nergasm! Best. Case. Mod. EVER!

I admit… I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to certain things. I love my Sci-Fi movies, I love books about dragons, I drool over Transformer CGI goodness, and from time to time, I have been known to go apesh*t over VERY cool case mods. And today I found the best case mod ever! OK, well since that Doom case I lost my mind over a few years back…

I LOVE Wall-E and I love case mods… combine the two and you get one hell of a nerdgasm! Check it all out at and let the drool flow!


2 thoughts on “Incoming Nergasm! Best. Case. Mod. EVER!

  1. Saw this earlier today from the shovel site lol, isn’t it brilliant what he done? He’ll most likely get some huge job offer from that.

    Psssst: Update pics on your dog please 🙂

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