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Month: July 2009

Bypass the Annoying Virus Scanner Warning for MSN Transfers!

Bypass the Annoying Virus Scanner Warning for MSN Transfers!

Hey all!  Because of all the work Nick and I do over MSN, we were constantly getting nagged by MSN any time we would try to transfer anything beyond a .jpg file so he whipped up a quick and handy little bypass utility.  It’s a simple .exe file made in C++ that simply returns 0 and exits without anything actually running.

You can download the file by clicking HERE.

Full installation instructions:

1) Download the app: click HERE

2) Extract the .exe to a location of your choice (My Documents).

3) Set the anti-virus in Windows Live Messenger:

– Go to Tools > Options > File Transfer
– Check the Scan files for viruses using option
– Click Browse… and select the DoNothing.exe application you extracted.


Another little v5 update… slowly but surely!

Another little v5 update… slowly but surely!

Hey all,

I think it's about time for another little update on where things are at on v5 don't you? The Publishing system is just about done although it looks like the video integration will have to happen AFTER launch because we are hitting too many snags and it's slowing everything down development-wise. Nick spent the last week redoing the entire image directory structure as the old system was a wreck and I have asked him to try and finish publishing by this Monday. Once that is done we can finish the ad system and toplist and then final touchups on the forum skin and we should be good to go.

I'm really sorry about how long this is taking guys, no one is as stressed about it as I am to be honest. Once the site is live, then both NG and Chaos can work on various areas so the other features that won't be ready for launch will be up and running hopefully fairly quickly.

I am hoping this can all be wrapped up in 4 weeks or less, so cross your fingers. A huge thanks to all the die-hards that have stuck with us for so long, I promise it will be worth it soon enough!


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