Catching up on Tutorial Submissions

Catching up on Tutorial Submissions

Hey gang!

With the v5 upgrade coming soon and the insanity that will surely follow, I wanted to get the approval queue back to what it should be (5 – 7 days wait) instead of the 3 or 4 weeks it managed to get to. So over the last few days I have been spending hours going through the queue and approving tutorials and I am now back to 6 days woohoo! So currently there is well over 100 tutorials in the approved queue, which means there's enough in there to keep showing new tutorials on the main page every 30 minutes for several days.

So for anyone that was getting annoyed with the huge wait times to have your tutorials approved, I want to assure you that I was not ignoring the problem and I will be making a big effort to ensure it doesn't get backed up again. Ideally I would like the queue time to be only a couple of days at most.

Funny to think that there was a time where I was so excited to get one submission and would be approved within minutes! To get 5 tutorials submitted a day was like WOW!!! Now it's more like 105 a day. A huge thanks to everyone that takes the time to submit their tutorials to our database… we wouldn't have much of a site if it weren't for you webmasters and tutorial publishers submitting your content.

That reminds me, hope you guys dig the new Publishing upgrade on v5, it's pretty much 100% awesome with added awesomeness added for good measure. For anyone out there that doesn't have a site or enough bandwidth to publish large tutorials, don't forget you can publish and host them right here in our publishing system for FREE! And with the new site coming up, Publishing will be even easier to use and you get rewarded for them!

More to come on that very soon.

Thanks again everyone!

One thought on “Catching up on Tutorial Submissions

  1. heh, great, sort of annoying when my tutoriala were taking 3 weeks to be approved. That’s a long time on the internet!

    Hope you get v5 up soon, I’m looking forward to it!

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