Pixel2life Introduces the Article Services of ArticleAlley.com!

Pixel2life Introduces the Article Services of ArticleAlley.com!

Hello gang, hope all is well in P2L land and everyone is ready for a new school year! As students head back to school and research/learning blogs increase website traffic dramatically, I want to tell you webmasters about a cool new service I was recently introduced to, with TONS of FREE content. The site is called Article Alley, and it contains literally thousands of articles and content you are free to use on your blogs and websites. In fact, they have over half a million pages of content and a network of over 90,000 authors!

One of the most critical aspects of any website is a contact stream of fresh content being posted, otherwise people will return a few times, find nothing new, then never come back again. With the increase of traffic we typically see after the summer, it's critical to keep a steady stream of content flowing on your site to grab and maintain new visitors and members. Unfortunately for many of us, we lack the time to be able to provide this steady content and this is where articlealley.com is an awesome resource. With just a couple of clicks, you can quickly find articles 100% relevant to your blog that you can use absolutely free as often as you like.

The other nice feature is the fact that you can track down favorite authors and specifically locate their articles… I was looking through their SEO articles and found a couple of awesome article writers that consistently had original ideas in their articles, not the usual "optimize Metas and get links" stuff that every SEO article in the world has.

If you do use their articles on your own website, the only rule of thumb to know is that the author information must be included with the rest of the article, which is typically a little blurb about the author and a link to their homepage at the bottom of the article. This is actually a fantastic tool for those of you that DO enjoy article writing because you can register as an author and submit YOUR articles to the database. If anyone uses your articles on THEIR blogs or websites, they have to publish your author information and link as well… this is a fantastic way to earn yourself one-way inbound links to your website.

On the other side of the coin, if you have a website but lack the time or skills to write good solid content, you can actually hire Article Alley authors to write articles specifically for you at very decent rates that don't break the bank. In fact if you order 11 or more articles, you pay $25 an article… if you've ever shopped around for content writers, you know that's a very good price.

So again, if you are looking for a HUGE database of articles that are completely free to use on your blog or website OR if you want to get in to article writing yourself, I highly recommend you check out www.articlealley.com.


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