Twitter feed for P2L and Topsites Beta Testing

Twitter feed for P2L and Topsites Beta Testing

Hey all!  Just a heads up that I've started up a Twitter feed for P2L after being convinced I should start tweeting P2L news by users that kept messaging me about it.  OK so I caved, and now I am tweeting!  Check it out at and be sure to follow us.

For those of you with websites and want to exchange traffic with us, the new version of Topsites is just about ready to rumble.  We're asking anyone with a site to help us beta test AND get your site listed before everyone else once we go live.  You can add your site right now by going here:

Be sure to make a note of the inbound link you need to use on your site when linking to us and start sending us traffic right away, the tracking is fully functional.  We're hoping to launch this full blast in the next 48 hours.


One thought on “Twitter feed for P2L and Topsites Beta Testing

  1. Great to see the topsites is up and running Dan! I’ll definitely be adding my sites as soon as I manage to finish them (should be within the next day or two). Can’t wait to see how it develops in the future.

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