Life Update… what’s new in Dan’s World.

Life Update… what’s new in Dan’s World.

Hey all!  Wow can't believe I haven't updated this blog since February, that's pretty sad on my part!  I have been active here and there, but mostly I have been involved in renovations and off-site related activities that have me completely removed from the front of a computer and my inbox.  Now I know most of you know that at the beginning of the year I was separating from my wife, looking for a new house and trying to figure out what to do with P2L, my professional life and everything else in between.  Well, I am happy to report that things have been going VERY well and I am happier now than ever.

In terms of the housing situation, I was able to sell off a vast amount of my collection and pay off all my dept and get a downpayment for a new house, which I bought and moved in to February 12th or so.  The house is located in Montreal near Corina's school and it's quite a bit of a fixer-upper.  I couldn't hope to afford a decent sized place that was in fantastic condition, so I was looking for something with a great floorplan and could be renovated like I wanted over the next year or two.  The place I found was exactly that, but good Lord there's a TON of work to be done.  I posted a bit on the teardown of the nasty coldroom back in March on the P2L forums, you can read that by clicking HERE!

Later in that same month I took on a condo renovation project that lasted about a month… this was a near complete rebuild of a 2 bedroom condo, I actually stripped the bathroom right down to the wall studs!  This was actually a great opportunity for me to learn a few things that ill be later applied to my house, so it was a fun project.  My girlfriend Maibbeth would come by to check up on me, bring me lunch and/or cheer me on.  One time I got busted working.. well… not very hard:

A couple of weeks ago it started getting pretty crazy and I was burning out… it was definitely time for a vacation so I could get my head back in the game and unwind a bit.  I had been going several months nonstop on a rollercoaster ride so a break with my baby was definitely in order.  I will say this right now… Maibbeth is the only reason I didn't lose my mind with all this.  She has been the most amazing, supportive and loving person I could have ever hoped for, and I will never forget everything she's helped be through.  Love you baby!  So, we booked a last minute vacay down south… to Varadero, Cuba!

I've been back for a couple of weeks now and been struggling to catch up and get back at it… still finishing a few details at the condo project, then I will be back at it at my place fixing up the coldroom and then attacking the bathroom upstairs, but I will be back online as well balancing my online life and work with personal stuff.  I just wanted to let you guys know that I am in very good shape mentally and physically and things are going well beyond my expectations.  I want to thank everyone again for their amazing support at the beginning of the year and thanks to all of you that continue to show your friendship.  You've all been AMAZING and I owe you all so much.  So here's to you *raises glass* and I look forward to bringing you more content, reviews and laughs in the near future!

My sincerest thanks and best wishes,

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