Pixel2life sold to new owners, a retrospect, and thoughts on what’s to come.

Pixel2life sold to new owners, a retrospect, and thoughts on what’s to come.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that the sale of Pixel2life.com passed through the internet pipes very quietly, and without causing much of a ripple in the community, largely thanks to the fact that I didn’t exactly advertise it. In fact for many of you, this posting will be the first time you hear about it… don’t feel bad, it’s the first time I post about it so don’t try ripping through the P2L forums wondering if you somehow missed the boat.

It’s official, I am no longer the owner of Pixel2life.com or any of the network sites except for the hosting, which will stay on team Dan even if I do have to rename the company at some point. P2L was posted briefly on Flippa.com and generated a lot of interest, but within a few days I actually found a local company here in Montreal that wanted to purchase the site as it was in line with their product development plans and were VERY excited when they find out about P2L. The official sale was signed a couple of weeks ago and slowly I have been transitioning the site to their very capable team and training them on day to day operations as well as plans I had for the site etc. I expect to complete the transition fully over the next couple of weeks, and from there you will see very little of me on P2L and a LOT more of them… in fact I am very excited about their ownership as they have the resources, know-how and vigorous new energy to take the site to the next level.

I should also note that the Twitter feed and Facebook pages associated with P2L have also been signed over, so if you would still like to follow me personally, my new personal feed is at www.twitter.com/THEdanrichard and I will be actively posting what’s happening in my world and will continue to educate and write articles on items of interest in the internet world. So please be sure to hit me up on Twitter and follow my feed.

Before I go any further, I really need to thank everyone that has been involved with Pixel2life over the years… I have made literally thousands of new friends (and a handful of enemies) since starting P2L in 2003 and I have gained a wealth of knowledge and practical experience that no formal education could HOPE to provide me. I can’t say enough about the amazing staff of P2L and their dedication to the product, you guys have been the hidden pulse of the site since P2L became more than a one man show and I thank you all so very much. I also need to thank all the members, the P2L die hards, our affiliates, advertisers and the entire tutorial community that embraced P2L and eventually made us the authoritative search portal for tutorials geared towards web design, graphic design and programming. At our peak, P2L was serving 30,000 visitors a day, had a Google PR of 7 and an Alexa rating of 6000 something… I don’t care who you are, that is a huge achievement that could only be reached because of the support and dedication of everyone around me. So again, thanks so much guys, it’s been one hell of a ride, time to see where the next roller-coaster will take me.

So what’s happening now? I’m now working for an amazing company here in Montreal called Manwin Canada and I am a product manager for some of their extremely large website properties. Basically it’s what I was doing for P2L, but for some of the largest websites on the web! This is a huge opportunity for me and I am beyond thrilled at being offered a home at Manwin and being at the helm of some amazing websites.

That’s it for now guys… lunch is over so time to get back at it. I’ll still be around and always available although my response time may be slightly delayed due to my new schedule, but I do read just about everything thrown my way, I promise!

Take care everyone!

PS. No I won’t be starting any new tutorial sites… I want to focus 100% on my Manwin duties and I’ve signed a non-competition clause stating no tutorial sites for 2 years.

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  1. I thought it would happen eventually 🙁
    good luck in the future!! keep this blog up haha !~talk to you soon


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