Unable to pair your Motorola S9 or S9HD Headset with your iPhone? Separate them!

Unable to pair your Motorola S9 or S9HD Headset with your iPhone? Separate them!

Hey guys… just a quick little tip for anything who is having a bitch of a time pairing their Motorola S9 bluetooth headset to their iPhone. I recently dove in to the world of Mac with an iPhone 4G and was having a horrible time at getting my headset to pair, yet pairs with my Android phone in 2 seconds with zero issues. I dug all over the web for solutions and didn’t really get anywhere until I tried something so stupid that I couldn’t believe it worked. I powered on the headset and placed in across the room and it paired within seconds! *shakes head* So apparently the unit won’t pair with the iPhone if both are sitting on your dining room table, but works fine when they’re in separate rooms, go figure.

Oh and this was only necessary for the initial pairing. Once paired for the first time, the S9 connects right away when I power it on and they’re next to each other.

By the way, I can’t believe how you Mac fans are so rabid about the iPhone, it’s quite honestly the most horribly conceived smartphone I have ever used in terms of usability. Even after unlocking it, jailbreaking it and loading all kinds of apps to regain some basic usefulness, my Nexus One was still more functional straight out of the retail box. I still can’t believe you guys are forced to use that ridiculous iTunes for music management, what a HUGE piece of crap that application is.

Anyhow, I’m sure I’ll get used to the iPhone once I’ve hacked it to normalcy, but good lord do I feel bad for someone who’s not very tech savvy and gets saddled with this phone. Nick is promising good things with iOS 5, but until they allow me to connect the phone via USB and it opens with explorer like a normal external drive to move around photos and music (even a FREE basic noname brand phone does this) this will never be as good as an Android or Windows based phone.

I will say the iPhone is fast… the buttons respond very quickly and the screen is gorgeous with smooth transitions on the menus and apps. But the lack of support for so many common features that every other smart phone has is infuriating. No widgets, no writable drive via USB, too many paid apps vs Android marketplace, no free google maps GPS, can’t place icons where you want on the springboard… when you drag them to move them around, they always sort to the top left. You need a third party app for free placement and can only get that app after jailbreaking the phone.

The list goes on and on, but that’s for another post I think… for now, I hope this helps S9 users get paired up with their iPhones!


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